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How useful is Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) in the Transportation and Logistics Industry?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, January 30, 2020

How useful is Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) in the Transportation and Logistics Industry?

Real time location systems, when adopted by the transportation and logistics industry, can help to streamline operations, minimize risks, and create new levels of customer satisfaction.

FREMONT, CA: Enterprises in the transportation and logistics industry around the globe are embracing new technologies to maximize their supply chain efficiency. The increasing demand for faster deliveries, changing regulations, and rising fuel and labor costs make operations challenging in the supply chain. Maintaining visibility of assets while accessing real-time data by overcoming these challenges can help supply chain managers to operate more efficiently and proactively. Technology like Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) has made the visibility of assets more accessible.

RTLS enables companies to know the precise locations of their assets in real-time both indoors and outdoors and minimizes inefficiencies caused by the lack of visibility. With RTLS, the industry will have enhanced visibility on its personnel, machinery, products, and equipment. This eliminates time-consuming manual searches, search time for misplaced assets, and audits and facilitating more effective, timely decisions, and quicker detection of issues. It enables intelligent management and the flow of all assets. It improves customer order fulfillment leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. RTLS uses technologies like IR, camera vision, RFID, ultrasound, WiFi, and more to detect the geo-location of the object in need. Different RTLS solutions can meet the requirements of various applications.


Top Display Technology Solution CompaniesWhen attached to the device or asset, each tag transmits its own unique identification. Various sensors can be integrated into tags to obtain more information about the tagged asset.


These are static readers that help in detecting the three coordinates of the asset. It locates the assets using wireless signals from tags.


Software processes the real-time location and status information of tracked assets transmitted by the tags to the anchors and view to the end-user in a visual format.

Although companies can gain insights into the exact location of their assets in real-time, their successful deployment lies in selecting the right RTLS solution for the applications to achieve optimal benefits.

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