Top 4 Digital Signage Trends Gaining Traction
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Technological evolution is enabling firms to capitalize on an interactive business approach via digital signage. FREMONT, CA: Digital signage is constantly gaining grounds with firms increasingly trusting digital platforms for advertisements...

Evolution of The Data Center: Six Key Drivers Shaping Data Centers of The Future
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Bruce Edwards, RA, VP Strategic Relationships, Morrison Hershfield

Over the last three decades, data centers have evolved from specialized individual facilities into a societal utility, as functionally and physically diverse and interconnected as the range of activities that comprise human existence....

Proptech Drifts Reinventing the Real-Estate Market
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By mainstreaming technology, the real estate industry continues to grapple with changes brought by proptech.    FREMONT, CA: With changing times and a fast-moving world, an uprising in technologies and innovations are setting new...

Unfolding the Future of Connection - Internet of Things
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Joseph Wei, President, SJW Consulting, Inc

Joseph Schumpeter, a world famous Austrian economist coined the term "creative destruction" to describe the way in which innovation cuts off the means by which things are done and paves way for new companies, and new ways of operating....

Enhancing Power Distribution Reliability using Sensors
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Scott Self, CIO, Tennessee Valley Authority

1. Scott, what are some of the challenges faced by the energy sector today that technology has proved to be adept at solving? The energy sector is facing several challenges, specifically around reduced per capita consumption and the...

Machine Learning Now at the Forefront of Embedded Applications
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Mark Papermaster, CTO, and SVP Technology and Engineering, AMD

Machine Intelligence (MI) is truly the next breakthrough in computing. Applications’ abilities to recognize data patterns, identify classifications as well as identifying anomalies with ever improving accuracy are rapidly growing in number....

Implementation of Blockchain in the Property Sector
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The property sector is steadily adopting blockchain technology, moved by the promise it holds in transforming property technology (PropTech) operations such as buying, selling, renting, leasing, financing, and management. One of the successful...

Use Technology to Understand Customer Better
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Phil Jordan, CIO, Telefonica

Technology trends that will influence business I am interested to see the advances in wearable technology, the internet of things and an explosion in smart sensors and I am really excited to see how the interface and interaction with smart...

Managing Big Data
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Kenneth Gabriel, Global Leader-ERP Advisory, KPMG

In terms of nimbly responding to market forces, satisfying customers, and reducing risk and cost, real-time capabilities afford an organization the laser-like focus and flexibility that executives once only dreamed of. The technology industry has...

Delivering Seamless Easy Access to Content
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Bill Krivoshik, SVP & CIO, Time Warner Inc.

Taking Advantage of Bigger Opportunities My wish list for 2014 would be focused on providing our business with solutions that help us take advantage of the big opportunities or that help us solve the big problems, rather than any specific...

Making the Business Case for the Internet of Things
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Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO, Aeris Communications

Smart watches that record fitness and health data, home lighting and heating systems that automatically adjust to people’s needs, even interactive fabrics connected to smartphones – these are the gadgets we hear about when...

Big Data Analyses Real Estate
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Today, technology’s role in data management has lead to tremendous improvements in business expansion and cost-saving opportunities. Every field of work is adapting big data capabilities to find patterns in the past and accurately predict...

Keeping up with the Dynamic World
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Dan Bentzinger, CIO, MIQ Logistics

The Impact of Cloud It has been our long standing belief that software should be provided through a browser or mobile device. The savings are undeniable. Unlike the old days, each participant is no longer required to purchase,...

Navigating Through the Technology Landscape of the Construction Sector
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Jon Witty, VP & GM, Sage Construction and Real Estate

Most construction companies don’t roll out the red-carpet when it comes to making big investments in information technology. In fact most construction companies will invest in almost anything else, especially if it can be charged...

Visualizing Big Data to get the Big Picture
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Stephen Skinner, CIO, First Team Real Estate

The exponential growth of big data has led to significant challenges when it comes to finding meaning hidden within the patterns of large, unstructured datasets. By placing data into a visual context, data visualization technologies have the...

Cloud Deployment : The Global Manufacturer's Answer to Agility Requirements
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Lisa Pope, SVP-Global Strategy & Sales-CloudSuite, Infor

To compete in today’s global economy; manufacturers must redefine agility and reinvent strategies for growth. Operational excellence, speed, responsiveness, and the ability to anticipate the market’s rapidly-changing conditions are top...

Accelerating Digital Agriculture through Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics
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Jim Kinnett, VP of Global Supply Chain and Enabling IT, Monsanto Company [NYSE: MON]

Think about seed corn, harvested from several production growers’ farms, traveling to a manufacturing plant. Sound simple? Now think about this: for every hour that corn spends inside a truck, the internal temperature of the seed rises...

Big Data's Impact in Manufacturing
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Tim Walsh, CIO, Bridgestone Americas

There is no doubt about the big buzz around Big Data in just about every industry these days, and manufacturing is no different. There are hundreds of articles that define the concept, each with its own spin on a definition that revolves around...

The Rising Tide of Technologies
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Bill Kloster, CIO, SEH

Exploiting Big Data The construction companies embracing the reality that readily accessible and usable data provides business value are better positioned to compete and grow. Here are a few ways construction companies can leverage expansive...

Building a University's Technology Infrastructure from the Ground Up
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Tom Hull, VP and CIO, Florida Polytechnic University

As Vice President and Chief Information Officer at only university wholly dedicated to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). More than 550 students were part of the inaugural class, and that population has nearly doubled in our...
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