Digital Signage: How to Choose the Best Platform
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Anthony Cianfarano, Product Manager, Professional Displays, Sony Electronics

4K VERSUS HD – MORE PIXELS MEAN MORE REGIONS, MORE LEGIBLE CONTENT. The requirements for today’s digital signage content has gone beyond a single full-screen image or video with scrolling text on the screen. Today, customers of...

The Bahamas Sees the First ever Long-range Delivery through Drones
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Volans-i, Inc, a California based firm into on-demand delivery of drones, has collaborated with FIi drone, a hogfish ventures business. The partnership is facilitated to provide enhanced on-demand drone delivery in the Bahamas by bringing in...

Leveraging Data Science in Web Development
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The world of web development is growing rapidly and serves as a tool for business development. Its services help companies improve product knowledge, sell products or services, and increase the company’s popularity rapidly. It also helps...

The Triple Bottom Line and Data Centers
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Rob Nash-Boulden, Director, Data Centers, Black & Veatch

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are frequently discussed in business management circles as executives are called upon to account for their decisions regarding a wide range of daunting, complex challenges – from climate...

Where does IoT diverge with Civil engineering?
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IoT technology in civil engineering can provide multiple applications to the workers and manager hence increasing their efficiency up a notch. FREMONT, CA: As innovations are being introduced regularly in the industrial market ecosystem, it...

The Living Home: IoT in Real Estate
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Regardless of purchasing a house or getting ownership of an ideal investment property, it comes with its own set of hindrances. From going house hunting to adjusting the light according to the owner's convenience, IoT makes it easy....

Intel Acquires German Drone Company Gives Drone Sense-and-Avoid System
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FREMONT, CA: Intel announces acquisition of Ascending Technologies, a German drone maker and manufacturer of autopilot systems, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and multi-rotor technology. The acquisition integrates Intel’s...

Compliance Policies for Flight Regulation
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Lisa Ellman, Partner and UAS Practice Co-Chair, Hogan Lovells

Lisa Ellman is Partner at Hogan Lovells and Chair of the firm’s global Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Practice Group, in the United States. She also serves as Co-Executive Director of the newly launched Commercial Drone Alliance, which...

Real-Time Knowledge of Property: Improved Risk Assessment
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For property insurance businesses, risk assessment is a crucial aspect. But, the companies have not introduced any drastic change in the process of assessing risks. Companies still use Fire Hazard Severity Zone maps to determine the...

Securing Local Assets
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Michael Mayta, CIO, City of Wichita, Kansas

Often Management and Council members look to the Fire and Police Departments for issues relating to security and public safety. In today’s digital world these two Departments are only a piece of the interwoven puzzle that represents securing...

VueReal to Initiate Shipment of Microdisplays
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VueReal Inc., a provider of next-generation high-efficiency nano devices announced shipment of their patented self-sorting microdisplays from June 2019. The company will soon start accepting orders for exporting their product samples to clients...

nxLINK, a Smart Sensor Interface from Numerex
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FREMONT, CA: nxLINK, designed for industrial and commercial applications, a recently developed platform of Numerex, provider of interactive machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions enabling the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The new platform...
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