Top 3 CIO Considerations Driving Cyber Security Network Benefits
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Fueling the cybersecurity platform, smart innovations are set to build protection networks around the organizations.      FREMONT, CA: Cyber environment and platforms of the organizations demand the different products to...

Skyrocketing Usage of Drones at Construction Sites
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Do you know that the construction industry is one of the fastest growing adopters of drones for commercial purposes? Yes, use of drones in construction surged at the rate according to a commercial drone maker company. This is a testimony to the...

How to Guard the Drones? Adopt These Measures
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As drones have entered the mainstream industries, concerns have arisen concerning the security and protection of sensitive data. Hacking attacks against companies have become prevalent lately. As the drone technology is gaining...

Revamping the Video Production Industry with Cutting-edge Technologies
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For many years, many changes have occurred in the production of videos. Rapid innovations in video production technology are made each year with constant research and development. Video production technology has neem disrupted to a whole new level...

Repurposing VR Assets into 360 Ad Units helps Campaign Soar
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Robecta Ma, VP Marketing, Cathay Pacific Airways

At Cathay Pacific, we’re excited to explore ways to build digital experiences that let vacation and business travelers learn—and feel—what sets us apart. While choosing an airline comes down to price for many flyers,...

Graydient Creative: Igniting Creativity in Digital Signs
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Peter Engel, Co-founder and Managing Director

Provides a flexible digital signage solution and innovative interactive content to enhance the customer experience
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