7 Benefits of Digital Kiosks CIOs Should Know to Enhance Their Business Productivity
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Digital kiosk is currently the buzz word in the retail industry. It not only takes care of customer convenience but also helps businesses in boosting their productivity. FREMONT, CA: With the world turning entirely digital, today's...

Say Goodbye to Threats with these Smart Security Systems!
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People are buying new houses and get busy with choosing furniture, paints, and other home decor for turning the house into a beautiful home. But what about security? Check out some cool security systems for the house to protect your home and your...

The Point Where AR/VR Matures - Intriguing And Untapped Potential Of "Audio AR"
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Lee Simpson, Head of TV & Entertainment, ustwo

In the emerging field of immersive computing, everyone from social media firms to hardware makers like Magic Leap and Microsoft are exploring new ways to overlay the physical world with digital information. While Augmented Reality gets all the...

Key Factors Making Storage Vital in Video Surveillance
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FREMONT, CA: Video surveillance has become an essential mode of security for a large number of organizations. Artificial intelligence and IoT have helped re-imagine video surveillance and made it much more potent than it was previously. With the...

Victaulic Increases Fire Safety with the Release of FireLock NXT 768N
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EASTON, PA: Victaulic releases the latest version of its dry valve, FireLock NXT, called the 768N. Victaulic are manufacturers of mechanical pipe joining solutions, grooved pipe joining and fire protection systems with their main...

University of Washington School of Medicine Receives $3.8m Grant to Test Mental Health App
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The steady increase in mental health problems among students demands the need for supplementary mental-health services in educational institutions. Recently, a research team from University of Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis received a...

How Drones are Transforming Construction Industry
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The benefits of using drones are not now unknown to the world and they range from on-site safety to a level of project monitoring which was previously unimaginable. There is an unstoppable rise of commercial drones in the market....

Convergence of 'the Cloud' and Laboratory Science
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Mark Burke, CIO, Accelerated Technology Laboratories

Organizations across the spectrum of disciplines are slowly making use of cloud technologies, and some areas are adopting faster than others. Biotechnology is an industry sector that is slower than most to leverage the advantages of Cloud...

Cloud Storage: Evolution of Real Estate on the Information Superhighway
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Luke Behnke, VP, Bitcasa

It is an interesting time for the cloud storage industry. We all know cloud storage is a convenient, accessible technology that gives us access to our data anywhere, across multiple devices.Our increasing appetite to create and manage...

The Changing Dynamics of Engineering Industry
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Daniel M. Horton, CIO, Michael Baker International, LLC

Cloud for Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Storage Our 2014 wish list involves several different cloud solutions, which is part of a huge effort for us at Michael Baker International this year. We’ll be using cloud services for a...

The Shaping up of Digital Experience Platforms
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Chris Du Bois, Chief Digital Officer, Allianz Life [FWB:ALV]

Could you give us a brief overview about the Digital Experience Platform? What are the trends shaping up and where are these leading to? The digital experience really starts with a user-first angle. At Allianz Life, we look closely at...

Establishing a Best-in-Class Global Security Infrastructure
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Tim Callahan, SVP, Global Security and Global Chief Security Officer (CISO), Aflac

Forming a global security infrastructure is never a one-size-fits-all approach, but proven methods can help. Aflac implemented a global security organization under its general counsel to ensure global view and reach. This decision was...

Dickey's Barbecue Pit Brings "Hey Alexa" to the Restaurant Industry
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Paula Suarez, VP-IT, Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.

Voice enabled technology is the efficiency tool of the future. Today, requesting information from Alexa is pervasive throughout the United States, and is quickly becoming an integral business tool, especially in the restaurant industry....
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