Advancement of Wildlife Conservation with Drones
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Drone technology is playing a major role in redesigning the monitoring activities of researchers and biologists.   FREMONT, CA: For several decades helicopters have served as the primary aerial tool for monitoring wildlife...

The Triple Bottom Line and Data Centers
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Rob Nash-Boulden, Director, Data Centers, Black & Veatch

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are frequently discussed in business management circles as executives are called upon to account for their decisions regarding a wide range of daunting, complex challenges – from climate...

The Opportunities and Challenges of an Integrated Approach to Engineering Systems
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Ron Watson, Director, Engineering Systems and Processes, Xylem Inc

The last decade or so has brought immense change, challenges and opportunities for organizations large, medium and small in how we author and manage product related information. Previous to this, Computer Aided Design (CAM) and Computer Aided...

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Challenges, Implications, and Opportunities for Autonomous Systems in Aerospace and Defense
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Ravi Ravichandran, Ph.D., Director, BAE Systems Technology Solutions [LSE:BA]

Commercial applications of artificial intelligence and robotics have been developed with decades of investment and are mature technologies either fielded or on a path to be fielded for a variety of applications that include repetitive and precise...

Blockchain in Insurance: Compliance Concerns
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Blockchain has become incredibly popular in various industries, and the finance sector is no exception. The reason behind this connection of blockchain with finance is its advantage to enable quick and secure transactions. Insurance companies are...

The Nuances of Information Security and Privacy
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Leon Ravenna, CISO, KAR Auction Services, Inc.

There are so many new cybersecurity, privacy and risk laws and regulations to worry about. How can they possibly add value to your business? As you look at business innovation, many organizations will need to rely significantly on their...

The Key to Fighting today's Security War
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Jamie Smith, CIO, University of Phoenix

As the old adage goes, “War never changes.” While that may be true, war does evolve and those who do not evolve with it become extinct. This is especially true in the war for enterprise security. Organizations of all shapes and...

Your Safety Advantage: Drones Help Avoid Risks on the Ground
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Robert E. Sinclair, Corporate CAD Technology Manager, Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have seen increased use partly due to improvements in drone-adaptable sensory technology. These improvements allow companies like ours to offer clients an increasing number and broader range of solutions via an...

The Proactive Role of Technology in Building Effective Business Strategy
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Siva Saravanan, VP- IT, Aristocrat [ASX:ALL]

1. How has your IT operating model changed during the last five years for the Media and Entertainment Industry? Gaming and entertainment in general are highly competitive markets where creating differentiators is increasingly a challenge,...
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