IT Natural Disaster Response-A Real World Perspective
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By Gary Coverdale, Assistant CIO and CISO, County of Napa

Preparing for natural disasters helps to build a foundation for emergency response. The best preparation, outside of formalized training, however, is working through an actual disaster. For the County of Napa and the Information Technology...

Securing Local Assets
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Michael Mayta, CIO, City of Wichita, Kansas

Often Management and Council members look to the Fire and Police Departments for issues relating to security and public safety. In today’s digital world these two Departments are only a piece of the interwoven puzzle that represents securing...

Leveraging GIS to Empower House Hunters in their Search
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Jeff McConathy, VP of Engineering of Consumer Services, Trulia, a part of Zillow Group [NASDAQ: Z]

GIS data can mean different things to different companies. Trulia uses GIS data to help consumers understand local information and empower them to make smart choices whether they are looking to buy or rent a home. When Trulia launched in 2005, the...

Staging Geospatial Tech over Data and Smart Devices
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Beth C Stagner, Director of IT Business Applications, City of Raleigh

The Synergy of IoT and GIS The Internet of Things (IoT) adds momentum to the collision course between GIS and mainstream technology that started February 8, 2005 when Google maps launched. Modern culture unknowingly viewed GIS data and invoked...

GIS: Meet Mobile and Cloud Technology
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Bryan Purdy, SVP-IT, Buxton

The science of mapping has taken a massive leap forward over the past twenty years. My early experiences with GIS—from watching my father purchase a fold-out map to tracking through a U.S. Army land navigation course in the early...

Mobile Technology, Cloud Services and Geographic Information: Improving the Effectiveness of Humanitarian Work
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Carol Bothwell, VP & CIO, Catholic Relief Services

The growing ubiquity of mobile networks spawns new ways to use technology in humanitarian work. Indeed, the combination of mobile technology, cloud services, and geographic information offers us countless opportunities to improve the...

Leveraging Drones to Increase Safety and Productivity
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Hugo Vasquez, Deputy CIO, The AES Corporation

Imagine you need to inspect and possibly repair a large and critical electrical wire. There are hospitals, businesses and households depending on your work. Now imagine that a wire is suspended 120 feet up in the air and you are teetering next to...

4 Best GIS Strategies for Effective Forest Management
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GIS is increasingly playing a critical role as forest management is becoming an extremely complex task.  FERMONT, CA: The use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) has penetrated nearly every area, including forestry. The GIS provides...
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