8 Ways Technology Will Change The Life of Firefighters
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Technology has spread its branches in mostly all kinds of industries. In what way it is going to benefit firefighters? FREMONT, CA: Today, smart technologies like mixed reality, artificial intelligence, or autonomous vehicles are being...

How Do Sizes of Drones Control its Applications?
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According to the varying sizes of drones, they serve specific purposes, and as the size varies, the complexity of the function of each drone increases. Fremont, CA: A quadcopter or quadrotor or drone is a simple flying vehicle using four...

3 Sensor Technologies Giving Smartphones a New Makeover
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The limitless and ever-evolving functionalities of smartphones can now be attributed to the advancements in sensor technology. Here's more to it.   FREMONT, CA: Once upon a time, cell phones were only meant to be devices that...

How to Reduce Traffic Smartly with Smart Parking Systems?
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Finding a parking space in densely populated cities has never been easy. Every day, we see drivers struggling for parking spots on the roads and worsening the traffic by restricting the other vehicles to move forward too. This is where smart...

Revolutionizing Ag Industry with Raven's VSN Visual Guidance System
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New VSN visual guidance system navigates rows while monitoring spraying operations across a range of crop stages. FREMONT, CA: Raven Industries, a precision agriculture company, is dedicated to providing innovative, high-value products and...

Top 9 Agtech Solutions Changing the Future of Agriculture Sector
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It is great to know that the deployment of smart farming is growing gradually, but how precisely it will benefit farms is outlined here.   FERMONT, CA: Farming technology is transforming the agricultural industry's operational...

How can Drones Help CIOs Replace Human Labor across Industries?
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Monitoring using drones with less human involvement creates huge opportunities for business in terms of transparency. FREMONT, CA: The constant evolution of drone technology enlightened by the spark of new innovative ideas renders it to serve...

Dreaming of Push Button Realty? Drones are making It a Reality!
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Real estate is capitalizing on the convenience and advantages of drone technology as the crew-free aircraft promises to change the entire game when it comes to both commercial or residential real estate. FREEMONT, CA: What's that...

Advanced Fall Detection and First Aid System for Elderly
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Early detection of fall observed in the elderly and delivering timely treatment via drones equipped with first aid kit. FREMONT, CA: In this sensor-driven environment, early prediction of things has become feasible with the development of...

Eyes in the Sky, Agro Drones Gearing Precision Agricultural Practices!
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Farmers are sitting back and researching the means of optimizing crop yield, while the drones do the heavy lifting. Sounds interesting, isn't it?   FREMONT, CA: Agriculture is a centerpiece of a country's economy, being the primary...

Agriculture Advancements: Paving the Way for Smarter and Sustainable Farming
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FREMONT, CA: Technological change has been the primary catalyst for increasing agricultural productivity and promoting agriculture development. Over many years, policies for agriculture, research, and development, training, and advice have been...

Integrating Drones into the Most Complex Airspace in the World
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Sean S Torpey, CIO, AIT Office of Information Services, FAA

Every day, more than 2 million passengers and 50,000 tons of cargo fly on 27,000 commercial flights within 5 million square miles of U.S. airspace. At any given time, roughly 7,000 pilots are airborne in aircraft of different shapes and sizes. The...

AI and Automation in Smart Farming
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The employment of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in agriculture technology (agtech) is giving rise to new developments and innovations in the agricultural sector. One such innovation is Taranis, an agricultural AI and machine learning...

Sensors will turn it to Live Drones
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The Internet of Things has fueled explosive growth in business use, and its applications go beyond delivery services. These drones are widely used by farmers to soar over huge fields and monitor temperature, humidity or crop health....

Toward Smart Farming Practices
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With the advent of technology, the agricultural industry is moving toward the implementation of factory farms, with steel and glass-clad green houses designed for mass production of food. While the implementation of smart cities and...

Smart Farming transformed agriculture, learn how
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In many countries, food production and security are the major challenges resulting from environmental impact and insufficient water supplies. Incremental growth in population for every year is necessitates more food production. It is recommended...

DroneShield Introduces A Covert Counter-Drone Defence, DroneNode
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DroneShield Ltd. has announced the release of the additional product DroneNode. DroneNode—a portable, compact and inconspicuous counter-drone jamming device which can be utilized at large outdoor events by law enforcement without raising...

Making the Business Case for the Internet of Things
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Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO, Aeris Communications

Smart watches that record fitness and health data, home lighting and heating systems that automatically adjust to people’s needs, even interactive fabrics connected to smartphones – these are the gadgets we hear about when...

Using Technology to Better Serve Customers
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Carol Haddock, Director, Houston Public Works

Technology is changing the way cities across the country operate and provide services. Houston Public Works is no exception. We must modernize the way we solve problems from the roads we drive on to our drinking water to how we communicate with...

Cloud Deployment : The Global Manufacturer's Answer to Agility Requirements
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Lisa Pope, SVP-Global Strategy & Sales-CloudSuite, Infor

To compete in today’s global economy; manufacturers must redefine agility and reinvent strategies for growth. Operational excellence, speed, responsiveness, and the ability to anticipate the market’s rapidly-changing conditions are top...
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