6 Trending Drone Applications Gaining Traction
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Drones, not leaving any industry untouched, are bringing in highly reliable and smart offerings, acknowledging the ongoing technological advancement.     FERMONT, CA: Drone technology has evolved and prospered in recent...

Why should Data Centers Shift to All-Flash Arrays?
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Storage technologies evolve continuously, and the emergence of all-flash arrays is expected to be a game-changer in the long run for data centers and users.     FREMONT, CA: The advent of affordable and effective all-flash storage...

How Smart Sensors Influence Modern Business Strategies
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Enterprises are explore excellent opportunities for business growth with smart sensor technology.         FREMONT, CA: Today, smart sensor technology is gaining traction by offering seamless solutions for...

6 Features Making the Best Visitor Management Solution
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Technology service providers are coming up with intelligent visitor management solutions that take security and guest experience to the next level.   FREMONT, CA: A visitor management system plays a vital role in helping commercial...

AeroVironment Advances Drones in Agriculture via University Collaboration Project
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AeroVironment offers drones to universities that perform research in agriculture to improve farming practices. FREMONT, CA: AeroVironment, a superior manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems and tactical missile systems, is excited to expand...

Advanced Fall Detection and First Aid System for Elderly
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Early detection of fall observed in the elderly and delivering timely treatment via drones equipped with first aid kit. FREMONT, CA: In this sensor-driven environment, early prediction of things has become feasible with the development of...

Homebeat - A New Tool to Interact With Old Clients Using Cloud CMA
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W+R Studios with Homebeat helps the agents to fill the gaps of clients by sending scheduled automated online CMAs. FREMONT, CA: W+R released a new tool called Homebeat, a new solution for real estate agents. Homebeat helps the real estate...

Leveraging Data Science in Web Development
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The world of web development is growing rapidly and serves as a tool for business development. Its services help companies improve product knowledge, sell products or services, and increase the company’s popularity rapidly. It also helps...

Replacing the Digital Signage Network
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FREMONT, CA – The rapid transformation of technology is giving the retailers and franchises a run for their money. Keeping pace with the changing trends of technology, content, and features, the retailers are required to replace their...

PayLease Buys Smart Apartment Start-up Zego
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PayLease, a leading property management company has acquired the rights to smart home assistance start-up, Zego. The immediate fabrication of the entire deal between the two companies remains unknown as pricing and the statistical structure of...

Unfolding the Future of Connection - Internet of Things
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Joseph Wei, President, SJW Consulting, Inc

Joseph Schumpeter, a world famous Austrian economist coined the term "creative destruction" to describe the way in which innovation cuts off the means by which things are done and paves way for new companies, and new ways of operating....

Enhancing Power Distribution Reliability using Sensors
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Scott Self, CIO, Tennessee Valley Authority

1. Scott, what are some of the challenges faced by the energy sector today that technology has proved to be adept at solving? The energy sector is facing several challenges, specifically around reduced per capita consumption and the...

GE Aviation and Auterion develop All-in-one Platform for Commercial Drones
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GE Aviation recently signed an agreement with Auterion, kick-starting the integration of the Auterion Enterprise PX4 operating system with GE Aviation’s Unmanned Aircraft System avionics platform. The proposed project will provide a...

Wave of Evolution soon to touch display tech arena
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The magic of the animation in display technology becomes perfect when a real object serves as a reference inside the system. It is how an illusion will create to all the people who are visualizing the particular object. Enhancements in display...

A primer on Digital Signatures
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In an era of digitalization, most of the companies are carrying out their business activities digitally. A handwritten signature is usually used to validate authenticity of physical documents like invoices. Just in the same way, digital documents...

Tips to optimally use nanotechnology
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Nanotechnology introduces to the world an all-new dimension of tech-driven reality. By leveraging the applied fabrication and molecular sciences, nanotechnology has become mainline of business technologies. To upgrade their processes, industries...

Enhancing the Efficiency of Digital Signage
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Digital signage plays a critical role in the success of marketing promotions for brands. Companies use a variety of tools to display digital images, videos, web pages, enabling brands to advertise and promote their products. Digital signage also...

Big Data's Impact in Manufacturing
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Tim Walsh, CIO, Bridgestone Americas

There is no doubt about the big buzz around Big Data in just about every industry these days, and manufacturing is no different. There are hundreds of articles that define the concept, each with its own spin on a definition that revolves around...

How Data is Changing Credit
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Michael Schlein, President & CEO, Accion

Around the world, two billion people lack access to formal financial services. There’s no single cause for this widespread and significant problem, nor is there a single way to address it. But there are new trends in data, analytics, and...
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