Where does Nanotechnology coincide with sports equipment?
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Nanotechnology in constructing athletic equipments have modified and reshaped the face of sports entirely.   FREMONT, CA: Sports and technology were not often spoken about together, until the emergence of nanotechnology in day-to-day...

The Importance of a Cross-Functional Approach in Customer Success
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Today customer success has more prominence over company profits and business success. As a business strategy, customer success aids companies realize business objectives by ensuring that their customers are getting the promised business benefits....

A CIO Basic: A Real Road Map
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Darren Cockrel, CIO, Coyote Logistics

The concept of a technology roadmap is easy to understand. You write down what you’re doing, why it matters, and when it will be done. I’d be surprised if any IT shop more than a year old doesn’t have a roadmap or some sort of...

The Evolution of the CIO Role
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Chris Moore, CIO & EVPT-IT, Sun Country Airlines

People have very strong emotions when they think about the airline industry. Just about everyone has been a passenger on a commercial airline, and most people can quickly cite instances where the airline’s performance has not met their...
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