The Internet of Things means Business
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Chris Curran, Advisory principal and Chief Technologist, PwC

According to a survey by the research arm of The Economist, businesses are slightly more likely to be using the Internet of Things for internal operations and processes than in external products or services. It’s important to draw a...

Business Data Security Strategies
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Cyber breaches are prevalent in the market, and many services have fallen prey to miscreants or have suffered accidental data breaches and leaks. Legislators have passed laws related to data breaches. Big organizations are fined in millions by...

Using IT and Biophilic Design to Create Amazing Workspaces
Enterprise Technology Review >> cxoinsights

Robert Manassero, Global Product Marketing Manager, Plantronics

Modern, open offices with aesthetically-pleasing design and environmentally-friendly materials are making headlines around the globe as being great places to work. However, a painted cement floor and reclaimed wood walls don’t necessarily...
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