The Bahamas Sees the First ever Long-range Delivery through Drones
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Volans-i, Inc, a California based firm into on-demand delivery of drones, has collaborated with FIi drone, a hogfish ventures business. The partnership is facilitated to provide enhanced on-demand drone delivery in the Bahamas by bringing in...

Grinnel Mutual Embraces Drone Technology, Joins Hands with Kespry
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A roof inspection for damage insurance assessment using conventional methods is time-consuming. When drones are used, the task is finished faster and assessors can check the data on-site and can make critical assessments on the spot. Many firms...

IoT- From Typical Screens to Devices and Now to Gadgets!
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IoT products are potentially cost-effective and accessible, developing convenient collaborations across the globe, whenever, and however, we want. FREMONT, CA: Over the past era, we have explored options to interact with the internet...

Integrating Drones into the Most Complex Airspace in the World
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Sean S Torpey, CIO, AIT Office of Information Services, FAA

Every day, more than 2 million passengers and 50,000 tons of cargo fly on 27,000 commercial flights within 5 million square miles of U.S. airspace. At any given time, roughly 7,000 pilots are airborne in aircraft of different shapes and sizes. The...

Leveraging AI Chatbots in the Real Estate Business
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FREMONT, CA – Artificial intelligence (AI) has vastly contributed to technological development. The introduction of chatbots is one of the most prominent innovations in the AI and automation sector. The chatbot technology has revolutionized...

Knowledge is Power, and Power to the People
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Jonathan Hinkle, AVP IT Operations, American Fidelity Assurance

There is a Greek myth about the Titan Prometheus and fire. It is a time when Zeus and other gods ruled on Mount Olympus while mankind suffered below. Living in holes and caves, shivering and cold, man drudged on without even the most basic of...

Wireless Infrastructure for Industrial Applications
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Bob Karschnia, VP of Wireless, Emerson Automation Solutions

Industrial process plants have unique needs and requirements for their wireless infrastructure, making these networks very different from their commercial counterparts such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Although these commercial networks have their...

Building Low Cost IoT Sensor Networks
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The growing IoT ecosystem in the modern day has facilitated in connecting smart devices with the IoT technologies like sensors, cloud and wearables. Sensors are utilized in a lot of IoT devices like smartphones and climate...

Mvix and AOPEN Join Forces to Develop a Digital Signage Solution
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FREMONT, CA: The leading provider of digital signage software and solutions, Mvix, announced a partnership with AOPEN to launch Chromebox Commercial 2, the world’s first commercial-grade Chormebox. Powered by an i3 CPU, it has faster memory...

Google Develops Physical Security Key Feature for Android Phones
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Google announced its latest security feature, which allows its Android phones to be used as a physical security key. Its two-factor authentication (2FA) method offers a more secure login than any other existing 2FA methods. With this, Android...

Enhancing the Efficiency of Digital Signage
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Digital signage plays a critical role in the success of marketing promotions for brands. Companies use a variety of tools to display digital images, videos, web pages, enabling brands to advertise and promote their products. Digital signage also...
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