Nanotechnology Provides Mega-applications for Military Purposes
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With the integration of nanotechnology in the military, the defense sector can develop various innovative applications ranging from nano-sensors to propellants.     FREMONT, CA: Technology advancement has made various...

Floating 3D Display Magic Screen, a Revolutionary Step to Future by Vision Technology
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DRV-Z1 designed using TriTeQ³; with its exceptional quality will be a valuable asset to organizations testing the models with 3D technology. FREMONT, CA: Vision technology, an edge-based ergonomic stereo microscopic and non-contact...

Knowledge is Power, and Power to the People
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Jonathan Hinkle, AVP IT Operations, American Fidelity Assurance

There is a Greek myth about the Titan Prometheus and fire. It is a time when Zeus and other gods ruled on Mount Olympus while mankind suffered below. Living in holes and caves, shivering and cold, man drudged on without even the most basic of...

The Future of Agriculture Technology
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FREMONT, CA: The agricultural industry is one of the prime sectors and contributors to a country's gross domestic product (GDP). The primary challenges faced by agribusiness and farmers are the use of downgraded machinery and heavy dependence...

Machine Learning Now at the Forefront of Embedded Applications
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Mark Papermaster, CTO, and SVP Technology and Engineering, AMD

Machine Intelligence (MI) is truly the next breakthrough in computing. Applications’ abilities to recognize data patterns, identify classifications as well as identifying anomalies with ever improving accuracy are rapidly growing in number....

Augmented Reality: The Tool for Next-gen Gamers
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Augmented Reality (AR) is the current buzzword in the world of video games and the hottest trend in the realm of games and videos. In the pursuit of a life-like experience in video games, next-gen gamers are gravitating towards augmented reality...

The Match Game
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Scott Page, Director, University of Michigan

“I feel like there’s a red pill and a blue pill, and you can take the blue pill and go back to your classroom and lecture your twenty students. But I’ve taken the red pill, and I’ve seen Wonderland.” –Sebastion...

Blockchain in Insurance: Compliance Concerns
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Blockchain has become incredibly popular in various industries, and the finance sector is no exception. The reason behind this connection of blockchain with finance is its advantage to enable quick and secure transactions. Insurance companies are...

Leveraging GIS to Empower House Hunters in their Search
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Jeff McConathy, VP of Engineering of Consumer Services, Trulia, a part of Zillow Group [NASDAQ: Z]

GIS data can mean different things to different companies. Trulia uses GIS data to help consumers understand local information and empower them to make smart choices whether they are looking to buy or rent a home. When Trulia launched in 2005, the...

Reaching Your Target
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Mark Griswold, VP and CIO, The Blue Book Network

The Importance of “Deliverability” in Your Project Communication Effective and successful project management relies on timely and effective communication. Anyone managing a project must not only be able to respond quickly to...
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