Leveraging Data Science in Web Development
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The world of web development is growing rapidly and serves as a tool for business development. Its services help companies improve product knowledge, sell products or services, and increase the company’s popularity rapidly. It also helps...

Mastering Partnership with a Remote Data Center
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Michelle Billingsley, CIO, Blue Care Network of Michigan

When we talk about technology, it tends to be the shiny new gadgets that make headlines. Yet in my experience managing information technology operations for Michigan’s largest health maintenance organization, I’ve found one of the most...

Where does IoT diverge with Civil engineering?
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IoT technology in civil engineering can provide multiple applications to the workers and manager hence increasing their efficiency up a notch. FREMONT, CA: As innovations are being introduced regularly in the industrial market ecosystem, it...

Floating 3D Display Magic Screen, a Revolutionary Step to Future by Vision Technology
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DRV-Z1 designed using TriTeQ³; with its exceptional quality will be a valuable asset to organizations testing the models with 3D technology. FREMONT, CA: Vision technology, an edge-based ergonomic stereo microscopic and non-contact...

Advanced Gas Sensors now Available in Market, Improving Safety against Combustible Gases
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Highly reliable sensors can make safety against inflammable gases in industrial as well as domestic setups achievable. FREMONT, CA: Expanding the range of products, NevadaNano launched a set of smart gas sensors recently. Their new release,...

7 Super Human Trends in Video Surveillance
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Carl Herberger, VP-Security Solutions, Radware

Superman has X-Ray vision. Hawkgirl, another famous superhero, has super-acute vision – something akin to a hawk. Other superheroes were gifted with night vision or even eyes that fired deadly laser beams. However did you know that these...

Unfolding the Future of Connection - Internet of Things
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Joseph Wei, President, SJW Consulting, Inc

Joseph Schumpeter, a world famous Austrian economist coined the term "creative destruction" to describe the way in which innovation cuts off the means by which things are done and paves way for new companies, and new ways of operating....

Enhancing the Efficiency of Digital Signage
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Digital signage plays a critical role in the success of marketing promotions for brands. Companies use a variety of tools to display digital images, videos, web pages, enabling brands to advertise and promote their products. Digital signage also...

Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Humanity?
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David Tamayo, CIO, DCS Corporation

An old Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” This seems to be the thinking of very smart people when it comes to doing something about protecting humanity from the possible...

Functioning of digital signatures in cryptographic algorithms
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Cybersecurity has been one of the major concerns in the digital era. Most importantly, online payment modes and transactions involving electronic cash such as Bitcoin, demand high security. To serve the purpose of securing communications,...

Making the Business Case for the Internet of Things
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Syed Zaeem Hosain, CTO, Aeris Communications

Smart watches that record fitness and health data, home lighting and heating systems that automatically adjust to people’s needs, even interactive fabrics connected to smartphones – these are the gadgets we hear about when...

Risk Assessment - Keeping Cyber Bully Away
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Paul Ernst, CIO, Sandler Capital Management

Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost This sounds like a great way to mitigate risk in some instances, but in today’s advanced, technology-driven...

The Evolving Role of Content Providers in the Property Ecosystem
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Mikhail Palatnik, VP, Product Management, CoreLogic [NYSE:CLGX]

Companies in the property ecosystem—lenders, insurers, property management companies and others—use data and information from content providers to drive improved consumer experience through automated workflows, streamlined...

The Importance of a Cross-Functional Approach in Customer Success
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Today customer success has more prominence over company profits and business success. As a business strategy, customer success aids companies realize business objectives by ensuring that their customers are getting the promised business benefits....
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