3 Ways Agtech is Re-inventing Agriculture
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Farmers are gradually embracing new technologies and methods to increase profitability, efficiency, and sustainability. FREMONT, CA: There is an increasing pressure on farmers to optimize productivity and produce more with less. At the same...

How Can IT Industry Help in Smart Agriculture?
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It is a fact that agricultural activities consume nearly 70 percent of the earth’s water resources. Although they are global issues, every farmer should take the responsibility of making appropriate changes around the place by leveraging...

Top 3 CIO Considerations Driving Cyber Security Network Benefits
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Fueling the cybersecurity platform, smart innovations are set to build protection networks around the organizations.      FREMONT, CA: Cyber environment and platforms of the organizations demand the different products to...

Is Physical Security Needed in the Cloud?
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The emergence of cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT) has established the use of physical security in driving business intelligence. FREMONT, CA – Cloud computing technology is revolutionizing the world...

Servitization In Making Manufacturing Execution Systems Better
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FREMONT, CA: Servitization is now a trend in the modern market. As part of sales pitch manufacturers of industrial equipment have long provided extended warranties, large service contracts, and future inspections. The rapid pace of change in...

Convergence of 'the Cloud' and Laboratory Science
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Mark Burke, CIO, Accelerated Technology Laboratories

Organizations across the spectrum of disciplines are slowly making use of cloud technologies, and some areas are adopting faster than others. Biotechnology is an industry sector that is slower than most to leverage the advantages of Cloud...

Cloud Deployment : The Global Manufacturer's Answer to Agility Requirements
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Lisa Pope, SVP-Global Strategy & Sales-CloudSuite, Infor

To compete in today’s global economy; manufacturers must redefine agility and reinvent strategies for growth. Operational excellence, speed, responsiveness, and the ability to anticipate the market’s rapidly-changing conditions are top...

Emergency Solutions, Inc.: Integrated Solutions for Fire Departments
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Larry O. Locke, President & Chief Developer

Emergency Solutions is 100% firefighter owned and operated. Combined, the firm holds over 48 years of firefighting, 54 years of medical, as well as 40 years of IT experience. They are making technology and training solutions that are both...

New Biometric Identity Management Software for Identity Proofing
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New cloud-based biometric identity management software is bringing biometric solutions to enterprises, leveraging the agility, cost-effectiveness, and convenience to identity proof every sized enterprise.  FREMONT, CA: Unisys...
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