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The Role of Nanotechnology in Edibles
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The addition of nanotechnology in food manufacturing has opened several advantageous gateways, which is unknown to most people.   FREMONT, CA: As the food is directly associated with the welfare of an individual, the idea of containing...

PrecisionHawk Launches PrecisionAnalytics Energy to Deliver Actionable Intelligence
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FREMONT, CA: PrecisionHawk Inc., a leading provider of drone technology, launched its latest product, PrecisionAnalytics Energy, which is an aerial mapping, modeling, and inspection platform. It employs the principles of cutting-edge artificial...

The Shaping up of Digital Experience Platforms
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Chris Du Bois, Chief Digital Officer, Allianz Life [FWB:ALV]

Could you give us a brief overview about the Digital Experience Platform? What are the trends shaping up and where are these leading to? The digital experience really starts with a user-first angle. At Allianz Life, we look closely at...

AU Optronics
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Paul S.L. Peng, CEO

AU Optronics Corporation (AUO) is a premier developer of optoelectronic solutions and solar technologies. Its offerings include TFT-LCD panels in a variety of sizes as well as high-efficiency solar module products. The September 2001 merger of...

Luminit: Reinventing the Wheel with AR/VR
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Engin Arik, CEO

Luminit has a long history in manufacturing thin film optics. The company’s core product, Light Shaping Diffusers®, uses a patented holographic master recording technology that reshapes and redirects light more efficiently than traditional...

FaceTec: Replacing Passwords with 3D Face Authentication
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Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO

Provides innovative software solution for biometric authentication
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