4 Enterprise Data Management Solutions that CIOs Can Rely on
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CIOs are looking for innovative solutions to bring transformation in the existing data management ecosystem.   FREMONT, CA: The increase in pressure to cope up with growing enterprise data triggers the need to implement standard...

Why Data Center Liquid Cooling Fares Better?
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Liquid Cooling solutions offer a more efficient way of cooling data centers, addressing the ever-increasing heat issues as a result of enhanced processing speeds.  FREMONT, CA: With the emergence of technologies such as artificial...

3 Video Surveillance Tech Upgrades CIOs Must Know
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CIOs need to have a close look at the rapidly evolving surveillance systems that are crucial for safeguarding commercial facilities and assets, before investing in one.   FREMONT, CA: Physical surveillance systems offer a critical...

5 Tips Helping CIOs Achieve Data Center Energy Efficiency
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CIOs can simply save dollars through wise choices in data center energy management practices. Sounds good? It ought to. FREMONT, CA: Data centers are now a key business parameter. Scattered across the world, they run the planet’s most...

7 Promises 5G Makes to Data Centers
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5G is on its way, aiming to bring faster and denser data streams, a shift that is likely to drive demand for more data center capacity. What will the flood of data look like with 5G? Know more here.     FREMONT, CA:...

Answers to 5 Key Challenges in Data Center Virtualization
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Unhappy with virtual data centers for not fulfilling what they promised? Knowing the unique challenges involved shall help business Leaders prepare themselves with these practical and affordable solutions.       FREMONT, CA: Data...

Why should Data Centers Shift to All-Flash Arrays?
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Storage technologies evolve continuously, and the emergence of all-flash arrays is expected to be a game-changer in the long run for data centers and users.     FREMONT, CA: The advent of affordable and effective all-flash storage...

How Sensors Unlock Pollution Control Measures for Industries
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Smart sensors and advancing IoT technology make pollution monitoring convenient for industries, driving worker safety and reducing negative environmental impact.     FREMONT, CA: The development of sensor technology has led to...

Key Factors Making Storage Vital in Video Surveillance
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FREMONT, CA: Video surveillance has become an essential mode of security for a large number of organizations. Artificial intelligence and IoT have helped re-imagine video surveillance and made it much more potent than it was previously. With the...

Cloud Storage: Evolution of Real Estate on the Information Superhighway
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Luke Behnke, VP, Bitcasa

It is an interesting time for the cloud storage industry. We all know cloud storage is a convenient, accessible technology that gives us access to our data anywhere, across multiple devices.Our increasing appetite to create and manage...

The Changing Dynamics of Engineering Industry
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Daniel M. Horton, CIO, Michael Baker International, LLC

Cloud for Backup, Disaster Recovery and Data Storage Our 2014 wish list involves several different cloud solutions, which is part of a huge effort for us at Michael Baker International this year. We’ll be using cloud services for a...

Synology Network Storage for Efficient Surveillance
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Organizations are continuously investing in better surveillance systems to provide better security. The cameras need to be strategically placed by a special team of surveillance experts. Surveillance cameras can be purchased for any facilities...

How Proptech Firms can Achieve Security
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Proptech businesses must now proactively set up a security framework that protects data along with filtering out potential threats to prevent risk invasions. FERMONT, CA:  Technology has given vast use cases to several industries, but it...

What are the Latest Developments in Data Storage?
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There is a lot of advancements happening in the data storage landscape as demands become exponential. FREMONT, CA: Enterprises are rethinking and rebuilding their storage capabilities as the volume of data grows. Storage systems are always...

How Innovative Data Storage Solution Streamlines Film Scanning Technique
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Advanced data storage solution boosts the Laser Graphics Film Scanners with ultra-fast, high-resolution scanning abilities. FREMONT, CA: Galileo Digital's 1PB (one petabyte) storage turnkey solution and software from axle ai, Inc. offers a...
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