Advances in Engineering Applications and Challenges in Global Process and Application Deployment
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Korhan Sevenler, Director-PLM, Xerox

Amongst many changes in the engineering sector, over the past few years, advances in Engineering Applications have been impressive. Thanks to the developments in areas such as CAD and CAE, engineers can design products faster, cheaper and with...

Accelerating Digital Agriculture through Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics
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Jim Kinnett, VP of Global Supply Chain and Enabling IT, Monsanto Company [NYSE: MON]

Think about seed corn, harvested from several production growers’ farms, traveling to a manufacturing plant. Sound simple? Now think about this: for every hour that corn spends inside a truck, the internal temperature of the seed rises...

Top 3 Industries That Should Adopt Rugged Technology
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Rugged technologies are used to make sure that the workers stay connected. It helps in enhancing productivity. The rugged mobile tech helps the enterprises to get the accurate data of the site as well as workers. FREMONT, CA: When people think...

Is Blockchain the Reason for a New Supply Chain Makeover?
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The incorporation of blockchain technology will result in significant cost-cutting and operational efficiency in the supply chain transactions.    FREMONT, CA: The supply chain comprises a complex network of components and...

3 Indispensable Supply Chain Management Tools
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Here are some supply chain management tools that are of critical importance in today’s dynamic business ecosystems. FREMONT, CA: The investments that go into optimizing supply chains are increasing gradually. Businesses have realized the...

How Elastic Logistics Adds Value to Supply Chain Management?
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As organizations are in need to fine-tune their operations and reduce their costs to remain competitive, elastic logistics is becoming essential in supply chain management. FREMONT, CA: Supply chain management has become an integral part of...
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