Advancement of Wildlife Conservation with Drones
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Drone technology is playing a major role in redesigning the monitoring activities of researchers and biologists.   FREMONT, CA: For several decades helicopters have served as the primary aerial tool for monitoring wildlife...

The Triple Bottom Line and Data Centers
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Rob Nash-Boulden, Director, Data Centers, Black & Veatch

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are frequently discussed in business management circles as executives are called upon to account for their decisions regarding a wide range of daunting, complex challenges – from climate...

The Global Technology Revolution
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Anthony G. Dupree, CIO & CISO, Novitex Enterprise Solutions

A Big Challenge in Technology The biggest challenges we’re seeing right now are the transition to the cloud and the push to use technology to reduce costs and increase availability of data. "The smartphone revolution is opening...

A Guide to Understanding Digital Signage
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Everyone around the globe today has had a visual encounter with digital signage. For example, LED screens on highways to convey caution notice, direction, and other useful information for the users, or at airports where arrival and departure...

Blockchain in Insurance: Compliance Concerns
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Blockchain has become incredibly popular in various industries, and the finance sector is no exception. The reason behind this connection of blockchain with finance is its advantage to enable quick and secure transactions. Insurance companies are...

The Key to Fighting today's Security War
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Jamie Smith, CIO, University of Phoenix

As the old adage goes, “War never changes.” While that may be true, war does evolve and those who do not evolve with it become extinct. This is especially true in the war for enterprise security. Organizations of all shapes and...

Your Safety Advantage: Drones Help Avoid Risks on the Ground
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Robert E. Sinclair, Corporate CAD Technology Manager, Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have seen increased use partly due to improvements in drone-adaptable sensory technology. These improvements allow companies like ours to offer clients an increasing number and broader range of solutions via an...

AU Optronics
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Paul S.L. Peng, CEO

AU Optronics Corporation (AUO) is a premier developer of optoelectronic solutions and solar technologies. Its offerings include TFT-LCD panels in a variety of sizes as well as high-efficiency solar module products. The September 2001 merger of...

Qualcomm: Spearheading Innovation of the Future
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Steven Mollenkopf, CEO

Qualcomm is a consortium of experienced engineers, scientists and business strategists from diverse cultures that bring unique perspectives of technology and innovation to the table. Qualcumm has created new opportunities for ecosystem...

Vanguard LED Displays: At the Forefront of LED Display Innovation
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Michael Wiener, CEO

Vanguard LED Display, a leading display technology solutions provider, is an American owned company headquartered in Florida. The company provides the highest quality products, technical expertise, outstanding responsive customer service,...

Guidepost Solutions: A Comprehensive Approach to Security
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John Torres, COO, Security and Technology Consulting Practice, and President, Federal Practice

Guidepost Solutions offers global investigations, compliance, and security and technology consulting solutions

FaceTec: Replacing Passwords with 3D Face Authentication
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Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO

Provides innovative software solution for biometric authentication
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