virtual desktop infrastructure

The Global Technology Revolution
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Anthony G. Dupree, CIO & CISO, Novitex Enterprise Solutions

A Big Challenge in Technology The biggest challenges we’re seeing right now are the transition to the cloud and the push to use technology to reduce costs and increase availability of data. "The smartphone revolution is opening...

Unlimited Flying Time for Drones with Wireless Charging Hotspots
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Drones are influencing the everyday life of people and have become a crucial part of modern life from personal to commercial operations. But one of the biggest challenges drones were facing during operations is battery drainage. During commercial...

Machine Learning Leverages IoT Technology to Deliver Personalized Impressions
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Mark Boidman, MD & Head of Media Services, PJ SOLOMON

Out of Home media operators and in-store media owners can now integrate internet of things (IoT) enabled sensors into their displays to deliver contextually relevant messages. For example, a temperature sensor can signal a content management...
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