Where does IoT diverge with Civil engineering?
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IoT technology in civil engineering can provide multiple applications to the workers and manager hence increasing their efficiency up a notch. FREMONT, CA: As innovations are being introduced regularly in the industrial market ecosystem, it...

The Impact of Physical Security on Cybercrimes
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FREMONT, CA: Physical security measures against cybercriminals are vital. Not always do cybercriminals function only from behind their computers. Cybercriminals are not dependent exclusively on computer software and online hacking. They can...

The latest drones are here to change the conventions of parcel delivery systems
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Leveraging the merits of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the shipment industry is all set welcome fully autonomous parcel delivery equipment. Package delivery drone is changing paradigms in the shipment and delivery models with the help of cognitive...

Technologies Improving Operational Efficiency of Drones
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With all the attention, the unmanned aerial vehicles are finding more practical and innovative uses. They have penetrated the world of technology, and a lot of businesses are looking forward to utilizing the capacities of these machines to the...

Use Technology to Understand Customer Better
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Phil Jordan, CIO, Telefonica

Technology trends that will influence business I am interested to see the advances in wearable technology, the internet of things and an explosion in smart sensors and I am really excited to see how the interface and interaction with smart...

Navigating Constant Change: A CIO's Rules Of The Road
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Jason Lichtenthal, SVP & CIO, The Pure Group Of Insurance Companies

A company's technology platform and website is a living, breathing expression of who the organization is and how it engages with customers and other stakeholders. As CIOs, we know that technology is not static, but is rather a constantly...

The Key to Fighting today's Security War
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Jamie Smith, CIO, University of Phoenix

As the old adage goes, “War never changes.” While that may be true, war does evolve and those who do not evolve with it become extinct. This is especially true in the war for enterprise security. Organizations of all shapes and...
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