How can a Sensor Prevent Water Leakage?
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With the increasing global demand for water, it is every water suppliers' interest to implement sensor tech to detect water leakages.  FREMONT, CA: Leakage of water from distribution networks is a significant problem water utility...

How Sensors Unlock Pollution Control Measures for Industries
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Smart sensors and advancing IoT technology make pollution monitoring convenient for industries, driving worker safety and reducing negative environmental impact.     FREMONT, CA: The development of sensor technology has led to...

Silicon Labs Collaborated with Allegion Expanding IoT Capabilities
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Silicon Labs collaborated with Allegion to infuse the IoT capabilities into products like smart locks used in smart homes to enhance the security. FREMONT, CA: Silicon Labs, developer of products and solutions, to establish a connected world...

7 Super Human Trends in Video Surveillance
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Carl Herberger, VP-Security Solutions, Radware

Superman has X-Ray vision. Hawkgirl, another famous superhero, has super-acute vision – something akin to a hawk. Other superheroes were gifted with night vision or even eyes that fired deadly laser beams. However did you know that these...

Wireless Infrastructure for Industrial Applications
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Bob Karschnia, VP of Wireless, Emerson Automation Solutions

Industrial process plants have unique needs and requirements for their wireless infrastructure, making these networks very different from their commercial counterparts such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Although these commercial networks have their...

Using Technology to Better Serve Customers
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Carol Haddock, Director, Houston Public Works

Technology is changing the way cities across the country operate and provide services. Houston Public Works is no exception. We must modernize the way we solve problems from the roads we drive on to our drinking water to how we communicate with...

My First 100 Days as a CIO: Spark a Paradigm Shift
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Darin Morrow, VP & CIO, Cricket Wireless

The term “First 100 Days” comes from President Franklin D. Roosevelt announcing his plan to end the Great Depression. From then on, the phrase was used to measure a leader’s initial success that defines the future. Sixty days...

Drone Air Traffic Control
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Lee Priest, CEO, ETAK

Background A tremendous opportunity will soon open up for drone deliveries to homes and businesses and within a few years, we should also experience drone “Flying Cars”. A significant hurdle holding up deployment is the lack of a...

These Five Innovations are Changing How You Will Secure Your Digital Operations
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Andrew Kling, Director of Cybersecurity and Software Practices, Process Automation Business, Schneider Electric

Today, there is more technology-driven possibility at our fingertips than ever before. Within the manufacturing industry, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and digital tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality are being...
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