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3 Advantages of Robots in Warehouse

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, August 10, 2020

Robotization opens up great opportunities for businesses to respond to the current and future challenges posed by logistics.

FREMONT, CA: The world is advancing at a rapid pace and even more so the technological part of it. Technology is impacting almost every area and has become a game-changer in logistics, mainly how robotics has altered and continues to impact warehouse operations. Robots in warehouses and supply chains are highly used to speed up order picking and helps in easing the working conditions. Here is a closer look at the advantages of using robots in warehouses.

The advantages of using robots

Top 10 Supply Chain Management Equipments Solution Companies- 2020Since the invention of the first industrial robot, followed by the first robotic arm's creation, businesses have slowly integrated different types of robots into their operations. Economically, the robots are purpose-built to enhance the process of safety and productivity. It is estimated that where a human performs 100 picking operations every hour, robots can increase this figure to 300 or 500 based on the model. There are many benefits in terms of improving safety and working conditions. Here is the list of how a warehouse can benefit from having robots on site.

• Improved performance

By using robotic technologies, warehouses can enhance their productivity without harming quality. Warehouse operators will be able to handle larger volumes of goods per day. Robots can improve accuracy and accelerate repetitive processes when used along with human employees.

• Better working conditions

Warehouse workers can depend on machines to handle heavy loads. This advantage cuts the risk of serious accidents that can adversely affect the workers' health and safety.

• Reduction in errors

The adoption of robots reduces the risk of mistakes in routine operations carried out in a warehouse, partly owing to a definite improvement in the transmission of information within the warehouse.

• Cutting staff costs

Using robots in a warehouse optimizes the need in the human workforce. It also significantly reduces the number of paid sick leaves, for instance, or work-related accidents that represent high costs for employers. Besides, robots offer more flexibility because they can run continuously and only stop for maintenance needs.

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