Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, March 19,2020

Feature of the Week

In a world that is being shaped by digital connections and convenience, it is not much to say that cash is becoming irrelevant.  Read more
With the help of a camera, radar, and lidar sensors, autonomous vehicles are provided with superhuman vision.  Read more
A network of centrally controlled digital displays, digital signage is an effective way to engage the audience.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Engin Arik, CEO,   
Luminit has a long history in manufacturing thin film optics. The company’s core product, Light Shaping Diffusers®, uses a patented holographic master recording technology that reshapes and redirects light more efficiently than traditional...  Read more
By Ken Lu, CEO,   
Winmate, with its domain knowledge in display technology, builds rugged and ultra-rugged monitors that are designed to comply with several environmental standards. It provides commercial, bespoke displays that can quickly integrate with almost any...  Read more
By Steven Mollenkopf, CEO,   
Qualcomm is a consortium of experienced engineers, scientists and business strategists from diverse cultures that bring unique perspectives of technology and innovation to the table. Qualcumm has created new opportunities for ecosystem...  Read more


By David Challinor, Head of Automation (Wing), Airbus  
Today, robots and heavy automation assets are performing tasks quicker, cheaper, safer, and to a higher standard than their human counterparts in manufacturing plants around the world.  Read more
By Mike Dieter, CTO, Transplace  
The supply chain never sleeps. At all hours of the day and night, shipments are moving, data is being produced and exchanged and external factors that can impact your operations can arise.  Read more
By Thomas Kominsky, Chief Growth Officer, Student Transportation Inc.  
A few caveats for our friends and peers across various industries encompassed by the transportation and logistics spectrum; the school bus transportation industry is, for lack of better words.  Read more
By Theodore Prince, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Tiger Cool Express, LLC  
The history of the development of the United States is a study in different transportation modes.  Read more