Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, November 14,2019

Feature of the Week

Drones are all set to make it to the skies and break the barriers faced by traditional supply chain management.  Read more
Rugged devices are being used to a critical level in the manufacturing industry, as companies look to streamline manufacturing operations without disturbing quality.  Read more
There is a lot of noise regarding the new tiny technology. This technology’s applications are delivering both expected and unexpected ways of nanotechnology’s promise to benefit society.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Tom Hull, VP and CIO, Florida Polytechnic University  
The goal is to graduate students who enter the workforce job ready and go on to become leaders and entrepreneurs in high tech industries.  Read more
By Paul Ernst, CIO, Sandler Capital Management  
It is absolutely essential to realize the threats that we face or else we have no chance of stopping them  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Engin Arik, CEO,   
Luminit has a long history in manufacturing thin film optics. The company’s core product, Light Shaping Diffusers®, uses a patented holographic master recording technology that reshapes and redirects light more efficiently than traditional...  Read more
By Ken Lu, CEO,   
Winmate, with its domain knowledge in display technology, builds rugged and ultra-rugged monitors that are designed to comply with several environmental standards. It provides commercial, bespoke displays that can quickly integrate with almost any...  Read more
By Steven Mollenkopf, CEO,   
Qualcomm is a consortium of experienced engineers, scientists and business strategists from diverse cultures that bring unique perspectives of technology and innovation to the table. Qualcumm has created new opportunities for ecosystem...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Michael Schlein, President & CEO, Accion  
Around the world, two billion people lack access to formal financial services.  Read more
By Lisa Pope, SVP-Global Strategy & Sales-CloudSuite, Infor  
Turning to cloud deployment is one of the most effective ways manufacturers can increase their agility, and improve their ability to anticipate trends and respond to fast-changing market conditions.  Read more
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