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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, October 29,2020

Feature of the Week

With the industries becoming increasingly dependent on drones, scientists and researchers have come up with new innovation that is sensitive to hidden objects.  Read more
Underwater observatory technologies offer the most permanent way of studying the deep sea.  Read more
The world is inescapably dependent on the sea yet, we know very less about it, and ocean observation systems broaden their knowledge about the ocean touching the shores  Read more

Featured Vendors

By L. Pierre de Rochemont, Founder & GM,   
Offers patented manufacturing solutions to unleash nanotechnology’s full potential by forming large material bodies with nanoscale grains and compositional precision. One of the Top NanoTech Solution Providers, Frontier NanoSystems’ solutions...  Read more
By Caterin Widjaja, President and Director,   
Headquartered in North Sumatera, Indonesia, PT Growth Asia is on a mission to offer the highest quality products, services, and solutions for the grinding and processing of minerals in the mining industry. Growth manufactures a wide range of...  Read more
By Michael O’Kane, Founder ,   
Having been in the mining industry for over two decades, Okane interprets meaningful information from site-specific data and combines it with effective communication tools such as conceptual models to support mine closure planning for long-term...  Read more


By Jeffrey Stephen Parker, VP, Hospitality Systems, Red Lion Hotels Corporation  
Shopping at my local Kroger this weekend, I could not help but notice that three more cashier lanes have been removed to put in nine self-checkout lanes, now there are more self-checkout then manned lanes.  Read more
By Terre Wellington, Senior Vice President, Store Operations, Lamps Plus  
Retailers have been using computer kiosks in their stores for years, often with mixed results.  Read more