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What does a Robot Mean to today’s Business World?

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Robotics is creating a newer revelation in the sphere of technology.  

FREMONT, CA: The world of business is truly becoming a holy grail for technology to cast its spell of innovation and development. Robotics is currently ruling the landscape of almost all the industries. In the world after the pandemic, the whole conduct of business has been undergoing a transition. To add to the scenario, the evolving regulatory framework with policies such as social distancing could bring a new definition of business and the way of doing it to the table. This is where the technology of robotics would gain a major share of importance and attention. A robot in the age of digital business is not a novelty anymore but an essentiality.

Ecommerce has become a new dimension of both the consumer and business hemispheres. While customers prefer shopping products of their favorite brands from top stores right from their living room, retail stores have opened their branches on the internet lately. The operational intricacy in the post-pandemic world is increasingly calling for a safer and innovative alternative for delivering goods and products to the customers. Robotics is the silver bullet. Most of the modern retailers and logistics firms are employing a robot to deliver the product at the doorstep of the customer.

With a robot playing the role of delivery personnel, products can be delivered with maximum compliance with social distancing and other regulations in governance. When a robot delivers the product, the customer can receive their orders in a contactless manner. Additionally, the implementation of robotics technology can immensely help businesses in reducing costs involved in human labor and attaining the highest level of efficiency. A robot on the factory floor serves to be a catalyst for the manufacturing firms to drive workforce safety. A robot can replace a human worker when it comes to tasks that are riskier, difficult, and dangerous.      

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