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3 Digital Signage Trends Every CIO Should Adopt

Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Various technologies are shaping the future of digital signage. Companies can embrace the new technologies to enhance their digital signage strategies.

FREMONT, CA: As digital signage is evolving, it has become essential for businesses to know how better to display the business content and the different technologies involved. People are craving for a new and exciting way to display and control content. The technology is continuously evolving to meet the demands of today. To keep up with the competition, it is essential to understand the trends of the ever-changing technology.


The marketing departments are ready to embrace artificial intelligence to help perform the functions. The department's tasks include monitoring and managing the operations, which are carried out by digital signage. AI will choose whether certain content should be shown to a customer after studying them from many databases and indicators.

Cloud-based deployment and Security

The most commonly used technology that is being used to update the media playlists on digital signage players is memory cards. This is because the SD cards are cheap, reliable, and is easy to copy for use in the different platforms. The advanced digital signage players use the ubiquitous cloud technology. It is very secure, effective, and provides a quick and scalable implementation. The cloud networks offer content security that made them very popular in the past. The businesses enjoy the benefits, which includes minimal maintenance and enhanced transparency.

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More Digital signage

Most businesses are built up to embrace the digital signage technology and implement them in the store as it will help the enterprises to get rid of queues and checkouts. These will help the enterprises to let their customers buy without the need for the assistance of attendants and cashiers. It will be simple because the only job the customers have to do is pick whatever they need and pay for it through an app. This will help customers save money as they will never have to get stuck in the long queues. The technology will allow the customers with the best product to choose from based on the choices.

Mobile Integration

Smartphone has always been a threat to digital signage. However, it is now being leveraged with the latest mobile integration strategies. Only these smart devices will help the businesses understand their consumers by mingling with them on various personal levels, which is meant to be the future of digital signage.

Digitized texture and new setups

The future of digital signage is ready to take the designs, which have already been existed on the computerized texture to a higher level. The screen behind the texture makes the digital signage brighter and interesting by creating more light, shading, and movement. This is similar to the 15 percent of the cost of unveiling a television set. This helps give organizations the power to produce impact without having to spend a lot of time on the project. With the computerized image design and illustration, the progress innovation has made it all possible for the signage. This can be created in various shapes, arrangements, and sizes. This means that the organizations can custom-make or personalize the digital signage according to their preferences.