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3 Revolutionary Display Technologies Hitting the Market

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, July 10, 2020

The rapid-fire advancements in display technology ensure an exciting viewing experience for users.

FREMONT, CA: With innovations being made every single day, tech companies want to be the first ones in their field to develop and offer the latest tech applications and features. When it comes to displaying technology, developers are focusing their efforts on revamping viewing experience. As the demand for digital visual spikes, it is a must for tech providers to stay at the forefront of design and engineering. Here is some latest advancement in display technology hitting the market. 

• Flexible DisplaysDisplay Tech

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display is presenting an inherent benefit, flexibility. Flexible displays are made of malleable components including, adjustable glass, metal, or plastic that allows the screen to be reshaped for several configurations. These flexible displays are virtually shatterproof. Slimness, reduced weight, increased durability, and improved image quality is listed as flexible display’s significant benefits. As flexible displays progress and trickle down into the consumer market, it is likely the costs will drop below that of current LCDs.

• Tactile Touch Screens

Touch screen technology has been here for decades now. Multitouch screens improve the user experience significantly. And now, the latest advancement is haptic touch screens, which offer tactile feedback to the user as they scroll over items. Tactile displays do this by providing different textures to the finger or passing a low electrical current that stimulates the skin to confirm a selection.

• Outdoor 3D Screens and Holographic Displays

3D screens today are gaining a lot of momentum, but is still in its infancy. Some tech companies have already commended the design and development phase. This technology means developing 3D screens for outdoor use that can operate without the use of 3D glasses. Same as outdoor 3D screens, holographic display technology is also making headway. It is considered as an excellent way to bring fans closer to the performers.

All these new features in display technology can help improve the viewing experience. With all these advancements happening in the industry, the future of display technology seems exciting.