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3 Smart Fire Solutions for Smart Homes

By Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, December 12, 2019

The use of smart fire detectors is helping smart home buyers and residents stay safe from fire attacks.

FREMONT, CA: Smart home is every tech-lover's dream, enabling for complete, on-the-go monitoring of energy usage, temperature, security, and more. Smart devices support smart houses in preventing or detecting fire by notifying the owner before any severe damage occurs. Here are a few ways of how smart homes can be fire-protected.

• Smart Smoke Detectors for Smart Houses

Smart smoke detectors use the most advanced technology to detect the presence of smoke by using photoelectric smoke-sensing technology. The ultra-sensitivity stops false alarms. In addition to sensing smoke, smart smoke detectors also have heat sensors that identify rapid rises in heat that arise from a fire, even when there is no smoke. This is a notable upgrade from many conventional smoke detectors. These smart detectors alert owners on their smartphones in case of any fire attack, enabling the residents to evacuate the building quickly.

• Smart Batteries for Smart Owners

As an alternative to buying a new smart smoke, heat or CO detector, homeowners consider a smart battery, which powers the existing detectors, providing owners with alarm notifications on their smartphone. They can also monitor more than one detector in their home, and receive a warning to substitute the battery before it starts to chirp.

• Smart Plugs or Outlets

Smart plugs, also known as smart outlets, can offer peace of mind to owners who usually forget to unplug the coffee pot or the iron before they leave home. From an app on the owner's smartphone, they can turn lights and small appliances on and off. Some models turn off the owner's appliances automatically when they are not needed.

Smart homeowners are a lot safer than traditional homeowners, ready with every available measure that needs to be taken in case of a fire attack.

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