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3 Ways Digital Property Management can Drive Change

Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, December 06, 2019

Property managers and tenants are all set to experience the tech-driven digital transformations.

FREMONT, CA: Property management encompasses a wide range of activities, like seeking for a prospective client, dealing with the maintenance concerns, handling tenant influx and evictions, and such other obligations. With technological advancements, prospect players continually include the technologies to systemize the process of tenant and property management. While few technologies are helping the property managers in operating the various aspects of the property, some solutions provide amenities and data to tenants and landlords, as well. Here is how real estate firms are making the use of technology to improve the utilization of their assets.

How Proptech Operations can be Improved

The recent advancements in property technology are improving property management abilities like end-users' experiences, productivity, and clients' revenue-generating possibilities. The advancements are boosting financial and operating effectiveness, like monitoring equipment performance. Predictive analytics is one of the main tools, enabling property managers to deal with potential property concerns in advance.

How Proptech can make Tenants Lives Streamlined

The incorporation of proptech technologies can enhance the customer experience. For example, sensors can be implemented in homes to control the temperature and lighting systems automatically. Additional technologies that assist technologies consist of Virtual Reality (VR). For example, a tenant may like to know the area around the property. VR technology can facilitate a virtual tour to the tenants.

Modern Document Management

Traditionally, documentation was a tiresome task. It involved sophisticated paper-based documents with increased processing time. Digitalization is transforming the document management in proptech. Tenants and property owners can now utilize digital platforms to generate and verify property agreements. With the incorporation of blockchain, digital agreements can be saved on a ledger system, which is extremely secure and transparent. Thus, technology is enabling the parties concerned in real estate transactions to eradicate the tedious paperwork and shift on to the digital platforms.

Thus, emerging technologies are continually transforming the conventions of property management.

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