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3 Ways Machine Vision is Advantageous to Agriculture

Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, August 03, 2020

Machine vision is transforming the agricultural sector by modernizing the farming practices for good

FREMONT, CA: Images are a powerful means of information. When machines are provided with the intelligence to design and study images using analytical prowess, it is marked as machine vision. The sort of functionality that machine vision brings is incomparable and has helped the technology detect application across sectors. In agriculture, machine vision presents some incomparable advantages that streamline farming, enhancing productivity. With the capability to recognize and analyze visual information, machines are now more intimate to human beings in terms of cognitive ability. Some assuring applications of machine vision in agriculture are listed below.

• How Machine Vision Detects Weather Patterns

The application of machine vision have been around for some time now. Using sophisticated methods of survey and modern imaging technologies, machine vision can be used to predict weather situations. Weather plays a significant role in crop cycles. When machine vision is integrated with AI and ML, machines can determine weather trends with high degrees of precision, enabling better decision-making in agriculture.

• Machine Vision Enhancing GroundWork for Agriculture

The responsibilities of planting seeds or preparing the field for sowing are particularly taxing for farmers. Even though the equipment has eased the job considerably, machine vision is about to bring additional improvement. By implementing autonomous machines that have machine vision built into them, agricultural work can be automated. Owing to the extremely advanced machine vision, farmers can presume robots to sow seeds with precision, delivering efficient results. Machine vision also equips agricultural robots to recognize weeds, thus enabling automated weed control and removal efforts as well.

• Image Processing Capabilities

This is apparently the most impressive application of machine vision in agriculture since it necessitates high degrees of image processing abilities for machines to recognize metrics according to which fruits and vegetables can be harvested and assorted. With machine vision, robots are empowered to assess factors like quality, color, and maturity.

With the agricultural sector preparing to adopt robotics, machine vision will become requisite to make robots credible.

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