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3 Ways Smart Water Management Optimizes Utility Companies

Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, July 27, 2020

Water management solutions are enabling utility companies to optimize scarce resources through a network of smart sensors.

FREMONT, CA: The rise of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and cost-effective machine-to-machine networking protocols are allowing utility firms to test with smart water management solutions. Further, the aging infrastructure and increasing energy costs are also promoting the growth of smart water management solutions. Reports revealed that utility businesses are expected to finance around $14 billion in smart solutions in order to address the water management problem. The utility organizations eyeing a smart water management solution necessitate focusing on three major elements that are at the heart of any smart solution.

• Instaling Smart Sensors to Save Water

When a water pipe is destroyed, it results in wastage of water, affecting the whole water distribution system of the area. Furthermore, it’s difficult to trace the leakage point in case of a standard setup. However, the smart water sensors connected as a part of a smart water management solution identifies any leakage and monitors the water distribution system during the network.

• Collecting Data with Smart Water Network

A smart water network continually collects data across the water distribution channel in real-time. The data facilitates the utility managers to monitor the operations remotely and make proactive choices in any event of a leakage. The network comprises of an integrated set of products, solutions, and systems that enables utility managers to prioritize and manage maintenance concerns.

• Digital Solutions for Proactive System Management

Digital solutions accumulate real-time data via multiple sensor devices, integrating them with algorithms to facilitate proactive management of the system. Such solutions effectively address the significant water management problems such as sewage and stormwater overflows and monitor asset conditions. 

Therefore, a smart management solution is the call of the hour. A smart solution to water management difficulties will allow utility businesses to optimize the already-scarce resource via a network of a highly transparent system.

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