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4 Best Tech-tips to Optimize Property Portal Websites

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, August 28, 2019

4 Best Tech-tips to Optimize Property Portal Websites

The right blend of technology and design can make a real estate website highly functional and help companies accelerate growth. 

FREMONT, CA: Fundamental aspects of the real estate industry have been changing over the years owing to the impact of advanced technologies. Looking for properties to buy or rent are not time taking anymore. A few clicks or swipes on an internet browser can help customers land on great deal-subjected online property portals that aggregate and list locally available properties. Not only are these platforms extremely convenient for people looking for properties but are also great business opportunities for the service providers. The property market has a lot of potentials, and with a well organized, intuitive, and optimally designed website, companies can efficiently make the most of the opportunities that the field offers. While constructing a website, it is essential that the best features are incorporated and technologies are integrated, to enable higher traffic, better customer management, and revenues. Here are some of the trending technological solutions and features that make a property website efficient, from the back as well as from the front end.

• Property Listing Solutions to Make Search Relevant

 The success of a property website depends to a large extent on the relevance of the listings that it generates. Depending on customer preferences, the listings might vary. It is essential for websites to have the ability to optimize property listings so that they can deliver the best results and convert website traffic into actual business gains. Providers nowadays are offering IDX property searches in addition to interactive mapped displays of results, which are appealing. Polygon search features allow users to define areas and thus mark out search location. Ultimately, a website that has multiple searches filters and gives fast and accurate results have better chances at capturing leads.

 • SEO Optimization Solutions

 For a website to be successful, it needs visitors, and that can only happen with a good SEO strategy. Unless the website figures among the top results on commonly used search engines, it is challenging to obtain clicks and traffic. This is valid for every property management platform on the internet. SEO strategies for property management platforms need to attract tenants as well as landlords. A localized SEO approach is better suited to websites that deal in properties since most users enable location-based search and take quick decisions to visit if data is accurate a genuine. Thus, a combination of right content with relevant keywords on the website, necessary information like name, address and phone numbers, embedded locations and maps, relevant tags and a host of reviews can propel the website to the top of search engine results.

 • Virtual Tour and 3D Visualizations

The ability to provide interested clients with 3D visualization of properties on the websites makes property platforms highly attractive. With the help of service providers that specialize in delivering a realistic representation of homes, companies can add the feature of virtual tours. Advancing graphics technology is enabling the creation of immersive virtual environments that can make it easy for sellers to attract buyers.

• Customer Support and CRM 

A property website that has dependable customer support capabilities enjoys a competitive edge. By incorporating innovative technologies like automated conversational bots, property websites can interact and engage customer efficiently and provide them with assistance throughout the day. Several service providers have exclusively crafted AI chatbot solutions for the property portals. Many other features in these platforms can also be automated with the help of the innovative solution that proptech companies are offering. From price management to lease tracking, all of it is possible with software suites.

In addition to the above-mentioned technological capabilities and features, online property portals should also be well designed and intuitive, with a right combination of functionality and visually appealing elements.