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4 Technologies That Will Significantly Impact the Transportation Industry in 2020

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, October 05, 2020

From marketing to robotics, technology is bringing transition worldwide. The transportation industry is no exception. Let's have a look at some of the travel trends exclusive to transform the industry.

FREMONT, CA: Modern transportation is going through major changes due to transformative transportation technologies. Though people have become accustomed to jam-packed public transport and long international flights, the upcoming transportation industry trends promise to transform all of that. The following are some of the significant transportation technologies that will revolutionize the industry in 2020.

Smart cars

Top 10 Sensor Tech Solution Companies - 2019Many people are already using smart vehicles. The smart cars generally describe a fuel-efficient and compact vehicles that use new and innovative technology for making life more easier for the drivers as well as passengers. In many cases, manufacturers are transitioning to hybrid or electric cars. However, these smart vehicles need to combat some challenge, like the number of passengers they can hold, the distance they can travel between charges, and so on.

Impact on public transportation

Future public transportation promises to transform the problems faced by today's public transports. For example, personal transportation pods help in mitigating many of the problems. In this, there is only one room for one person per pod, which immediately minimizes the risk of personal injury or crime, and their intuitiveness shows how easy it is to incorporate new transportation technologies into day-to-day lives.

Gyroscopic vehicles

The hovering vehicles, which are propelled with the support of monorails and balanced through the innovative usage of next-gen gyroscopes, can help in solving the problems of public transportation across the globe. These vehicles are on the verge of becoming a reality soon.

Next-Gen GPS Devices

Earlier, GPS devices were used by very fewer people. Past GPS devices were able to calculate total distance and offer an approximate time of the arrival to a final location.

However, today's scenario is different. GPS units have become more versatile. They can not only fulfil the fundamental functionality of planning a trip, but they can also make adjustments for extreme weather conditions, traffic conditions or even the preferred route. 2020 is the beginning of new innovations and breakthroughs of all kinds.

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