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6 Features Making the Best Visitor Management Solution

Enterprise Technology Review | Thursday, September 19, 2019

Technology service providers are coming up with intelligent visitor management solutions that take security and guest experience to the next level.  

FREMONT, CA: A visitor management system plays a vital role in helping commercial and industrial facilities keep track of the visitors they get. The systems are central to the safety and security strategy and provide other additional benefits like seamless reception and efficient registration for guests. As business organizations undertake large scale digitalization, the processes of welcoming, registering, tracking, and managing visitors are also getting transformed. A lot of innovative vistor management features are adopted by companies, and with further advancement in technologies, these tools will only get more sophisticated. Among the several companies offering visitor management solutions, there are a few that have developed unique and extremely relevant capabilities. Here is a list of exciting developments sophisticating visitor management offerings. 

·  Redefining Lobby Security

The lobby is what the visiting individual first encounters. This makes the lobby a strategic place from a security point of view. The commonly used strategies to maintain lobby security are useful but not entirely foolproof.  Manually entering visitor details into registers does not enable tracking and monitoring facilities, neither does it allow verification of the provided identity details. Digital solutions are much better equipped to handle guests and foster lobby security. Solution providers are integrating powerful technologies and creating software suites that can work together with surveillance cameras to mark and identify visitors as they enter facilities. These provide an extra layer of protection to firms and allow them to protect employees and assets from unauthorized access.    

·  Promoting Self Check-ins

Visitor management systems are now incorporating self sign-in features into their products. The self sign-in facility is advantageous for companies in many ways. It reduces the number of resources and personnel that are needed at the reception, thus helping companies reduce costs of operation. At the same time, it also allows convenience for visiting individuals. This feature also allows businesses to create a better first impression on visitors leading to an increase in brand value. Sleek, modern, and self-sufficient visitor check-in solutions are making workplaces more secure and smart.

·  Digital Verifications and Unique Badges

Along with self-check-in facilities, many visitor management platforms are offering tools that automate verification through multiple methods. Once in place, these software solutions automatically take photos of visiting individuals, cross-check identities, send OTPs to verify contact information, conduct multi-factor authentications, and generate unique visitor badges.

·  Intelligent Appointment Creation

Every time there is a visitor looking for an appointment, there is a set of repetitive tasks that a receptionist has to perform. While managing a large number of visitors, this becomes challenging. Visitor management systems are thus including tools that allow easy creation and management of appointments. Using well-designed dashboards, automated processing and upgradation features, these solutions can d make the task smarter and faster.

·  Visitor Parking Management

Parking facilities need to be secure as well, and thus visitor management systems are now creating solutions that focus exclusively on parking facilities. By using these solutions, offices and industrial facilities can easily manage and process parking for guests. Traditional approaches are prone to security loopholes and are inefficient as well. Computerized and customized registration processes are less time taking and convenient both for guests as well as the guards.

·  Identity Management Solutions

Many commercial facilities have repeat visitors. They could be business partners, service providers, or customers and clients. Visitor management systems now have features that allow accumulation and storage of visitor data, enabling them to create visitor profiles. These profiles help the systems identify visitors. Upon subsequent visits, the system remembers and simplifies sign-in processes for those guests, thus assisting companies to improve the visitor experience.

Vendors providing visitor management solutions open excellent and broader prospects in the present market, and with an innovative approach, they can create loyal clients and ensure guaranteed growth.