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Agricultural Apps Benefits Farmers in One Click

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Agricultural apps enable farmers to make a smart move in their farm business.

FREMONT, CA: Smartphones have penetrated all the sectors beyond imagination and agriculture is a sector that is undergoing a leap through advancements with the advent of mobile phone technology. This has led to turning the agribusinesses to various software and other hardware digital farming tools. Agriculture technology, or AgTech as it is popularly known, has proven to ease the operations involved in farming from farms to tables. It has made it possible to monitor how farmlands are tilled and harvested, right on the palm through apps. Modern technology in agriculture is more extensive that is not just limited to mobile apps but a variety of systems that automate farming processes reducing the need for human labor.

Although there are many smart farming solutions, mobile apps enable consistent and straightforward solutions. According to a study conducted by Farm Journal Media, 59 percent of farmers use smartphones, whereas 44 percent use tablets. In this scenario, mobile apps will help make a smart move while stepping into Agriculture 2.0. When these apps allow the farmers to monitor farmlands remotely by providing up-to-date information about cropping, it also provides market data and marketing strategies.

Managing the entire farming operations, including harvesting, spraying, and playing has become convenient with just a click of a button with some cloud-based management app. The agricultural app makes it easy for farmers to locate tractors that are nearer by browsing through thousands of tractor listings to cater to specific needs. Helping farmers to improve operations and maximize profits, these apps provide with accurate, location-specific weather conditions. The apps can give suggestions on the right conditions to carry out the associated operations in an instant. The intuitive apps offer a platform to create and share geo-located notes, research historical weather trends, and more.

Also, some apps establish the connection between farmers and trusted advisors instantaneously. Apart from feeding information regarding the growth of crops, they also help users identify plants and differentiate weeds by specifying characteristics based on leaves, flowers, and stems. Consequently, allowing farmers to make nutrient application plans, thereby obtain abundant nutrition yields. These applications build the confidence of the farmers to make a smart agricultural shift.