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AI Revamping B2B Sales Experience for Better Customer Satisfaction

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Consumers today, prefer personalization and B2B sales are transforming its processes to provide better customer satisfaction.  

FREMONT, CA: Britedge's survey revealed that 25.69 percent of respondents believed that AI would immensely impact businesses after customer personalization. Technological advancements have always helped companies by generating new opportunities for approaching customers. One of the most influential technologies of the time is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is creating quite the buzz in the digital space. Given its ability for storytelling and marketing, AI in B2B sales and marketing is here to modify the way people communicate with information, brands, and services. There are many reasons why AI will upend sales.

Digitalization is changing the B2B purchasing experience, with customers looking for hassle-free transactions, agile responses from personalized products, sellers, and pricing. As customers shift to e-commerce, companies must ensure that it is making the required changes to keep the business interesting to meet the evolving customer requirements. Change is inevitable and meeting the needs of the new digital economy can help ensure long-term success. AI is quickly becoming a necessity for B2B businesses, as it can improve in delivering data-driven and actionable insights to businesses. When AI is utilized with e-commerce, the benefits that can be gained are significant. Smart companies work to better connect with their customers by keeping them notified and offering personalized prices for products and services.

The modern B2B customer has been increasingly accustomed to personalized purchasing experiences due to advancements in the consumer world driven by businesses. The world of B2B marketing and its future is assured to be touched by AI. A good handful of industry giants dread the concept of full automation of marketing movements via smart AI technology. One can affirm measuring the influence of AI-powered robots in many consumer service industries that empathetic customer subtlety will not be entirely manual or maintained by human power alone.