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AI-Powered Digital Signage Piques Curiosity in Customers

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, September 06, 2019

AI-Powered Digital Signage Piques Curiosity in Customers

Digital signage will become ubiquitous with the abilities of AI incorporated in it.

FREMONT, CA: Digital signage gains more attraction in the modern world. From displaying menus at restaurants to guiding the visitors with directions in malls, it plays a vital role in feeding information. Digital signage is continuously evolving with the vendors innovating and testing new tools, ranging from AI to dynamic content to responsive touchscreens. Staying abreast with these trends ensures that digital signage is effective and keeps the vendors ahead of the competition. The current significant trends of 2019 include AI, personalization, and omnichannel marketing. The organizations are continuously investing in digital signage and AI as intelligent communications are revolutionizing the world.

 Artificial Intelligence

Digital signage is known for its versatility and addition of AI enhances that versatility. AI has made it possible for digital signage to respond in real-time to a situation through deep learning. The AI-driven platforms utilize deep learning to evaluate large data sets, thereby reacting spontaneously. Deep learning enables targeting individual and providing relevant information to them specifically. An example would be when a customer enters a store; digital signage detects the shopper’s age through facial recognition and displays related products. This induces a customer’s interest to buy a product.

 Omnichannel Marketing

The concept of seamless integration of data across devices and mediums has become a trend now. This is evident from the real scenario where organizations are integrating their systems and carrying out marketing across all digital mediums. Whether it is emails, phones, digital signage, or other traditional physical assets, customers expect to stay connected through digital engagement across all the mediums.


AI brings a new dimension as it can influence the emotions of people who respond to the digital signage in public places and more. To make good choices, people need a good information source, which is provided by digital signage. In digital signage, customers look for a technology that treats them in a personal manner. AI learning interacts with the customers, understands them, thereby communicating with them based on the individual’s interest.

These new trends in digital signage will bring a positive transformation for businesses in engaging their customers while fulfilling their needs.