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Augmented Reality: The Tool for Next-gen Gamers

Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, March 18, 2019

Augmented Reality (AR) is the current buzzword in the world of video games and the hottest trend in the realm of games and videos. In the pursuit of a life-like experience in video games, next-gen gamers are gravitating towards augmented reality to relish the feel of a real shooter running around the house to slay the targets or a space voyager sailing effortlessly through the solar system. While Xbox One and Xbox 360 were the desire of every kid who prefers to play online games, augmented reality has become the new passion of young gamers as it not only allows them to create a perfect virtual rendering of themselves but also to design their ideal world.

An essential aspect of AR that signifies that it is here to stay is its ability to allow kids move and scurry around the house which is not possible with virtual reality. Just like their favorite movie characters, gamers can run with laser tags and spill colors on targets rather than sitting idly on the couch watching 3D videos with a box of popcorn. Physically patting and nudging things that are not even present in the actual world feels incredible and that is precisely what AR is offering to avid gamers. Besides, AR is not only here to cater the growing needs of gamers and movie buffs; AR is already being leveraged in creating picture books and reality puzzles, stuffed toys, and dolls for children. Gradually making its place in passionate gamers’ gadget stash, AR is on its mission to transform the look and feel of the entire gaming universe.