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Australis Capital and Cocoon Technology Announce Installation of CocoonPod Self-Service Kiosks

By Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, September 14, 2020

Australis Capital and Cocoon Technology Announce Installation of CocoonPod Self-Service Kiosks

The deployment of CocoonPod self-service kiosks at THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace is considered a positive step towards the Australis Capital's continued commitment to the U.S. focused cannabis operations.

FREMONT, CA: Australis Capital and it's subsidiary Cocoon Technology announces the installation of CocoonPod self-service kiosks at THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace at 2755 W Cheyenne Ave, 103, North Las Vegas, NV, the first of eight locations operated by THRIVE. This release is a positive step towards the company's continued commitment to U.S. focused cannabis operations.  Installations at the remaining seven locations are expected in the coming months.

The company is pleased to complete its first installation with THRIVE, especially with the challenges and delays Covid-19 has brought. Covid-19 has increased awareness and the requirement for social distancing and safety measures. As dispensaries start the initial reopening phases, CocoonPod will help mitigate the associated safety concerns while expediting the shopping experience.

Cocoon Technology's CocoonPod, CocoonCove, and CocoonRewards offers interactive unattended kiosks for consumers and retailers with feature functionality encompassing mobile, order ahead, loyalty, online delivery, data analytics, rewards, e-wallet, ATM functionality, and cash recycling technology. Built on a cloud-based platform, Cocoon combines with dispensary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems enabling seamless operational efficiencies and revenue generation.

THRIVE Cannabis Marketplace is the premier source for marijuana, marijuana products, accessories, and marijuana information in Southern Nevada. TCM is focused on well-grown, high-quality cannabis. Dedicated to its customers' well-being, safety, and enjoyment, TCM cites education, choice, and vitality as its philosophical values. The company helps customers learn beneficial properties, so they are better armed to choose which will best serve their needs. TCM believes bodies naturally represents

AUSA invests in differentiated companies, primarily in the cannabis industry. It focuses on significant near and mid-term opportunities with strong return abilities. AUSA's assets include Cocoon Technology, a cloud-based, self-service point of sale kiosk developed for cannabis dispensaries and other regulated industries.  The purpose-built platform has data analytics, privacy, security, and regulatory compliance to improve consumer experience and create incremental revenue for dispensary owners. Body and Mind, Quality Green, and Folium Biosciences are also AUSA's assets.