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BobCAD-CAM Launches Version 28 for CNC Programming to Simulate Custom Shaped Tools

Enterprise Technology Review | Saturday, July 04, 2015

FREMONT, CA: BobCAD-CAM, a provider of CAD-CAM software, announces the all-new Version 28 CAD-CAM software to allow users to define and simulate custom shaped lathe tools and inserts.

The new features of v28 CAD-CAM for CNC Programming and Machining include:

CAD Enhancements

Snap Increments for Dynamic Drawing (Extrude, Rotate, Sketch): Drawing is now faster and more accurate than ever before. All dynamic drawing functions now have snap increment, which acts like a uniform grid in the workspace to which wireframe entities or sketch handles are snapped. This creates a whole new level of efficiency for dynamic drawing by greatly reducing the number of clicks and data entry modifications. This feature can easily be turned on and off with shortcut keys.

Improved CNC MILL Hole Drilling, Tapping and Threading: All mill hole drilling, tapping, and threading features now use Hole Groups that allow defining more than one drilling depth within a single machining feature. The software automatically groups all holes that share the same diameter, top of feature, and feature depth, greatly minimizing the number of features needed to get the job done.

Drilling Types: Standard drilling is the default drilling type that handles 2.5 axis drilling for 3 axis machines, including face drilling for mill turn machines. Multiaxis drilling handles all drilling for 4 or 5 axis machines with up to 5 axis positioning to drill holes of the same diameter in any orientation within a single feature, eliminating the need to create index systems for each orientation. While cross drilling handles radial drilling for mill turn jobs.

Smart Filtering of Geometry Selections: The software uses cylindrical surfaces to automatically set to speed up mill hole feature creation.

CAM Programming Enhancements

The software enables creation of half of the profile to revolve, assign it to the tool, and get accurate programming simulation for all custom tooling. The 2 axis wizard now contains a Tabs page, which allows for manual or automatic tab creation for profiling operations.  The powerful tab parameters allow defining tab distance, height, and angle. Now, the 2 Axis Advanced Pocket contains a links page giving more control over the linking parameters of the toolpath. The perpendicular stepover option automatically switches the toolpath direction based on a threshold value to create an improved surface finish in steep areas.