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Can Mobile Technology Drive the Real Estate Industry?

Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The requirements of real estate agents and buyers are being paid heed to now with the mobile technology advancement facilitating the real estate transactions with user-friendly apps.

FREMONT, CA: The extensive growth in the use of mobile devices has made the real estate agents consider it a proper platform for real estate marketing and transactions. A report revealed that 98% of real estate agents believe that a mobile device is imperative in their daily work. Based on another survey, 96% of real estate agents admitted that using a mobile device to access property data saves a notable amount of time during the workday. Further, buyers are also employing mobile devices to cover multiple aspects of the home search method.

Mobile apps are allowing the realtors across the globe to send personalized reports to customers through app-based messaging. Additive functionalities in certain apps allow agents to offer personalized reports to customers and offer job-specific responsibilities like scheduling real estate meetings, seeing data, aggregating buyer inquiries, and digitalizing processes.

The expansion of social media as a form of communication is also contributing to the real estate. And mobile technology is the core to the above trend as most maximum people use their smartphones to access social media platforms. Real estate agents are trying to harness the above trend by expanding their presence on social media. Apart from marketing, these platforms also enable real estate agents to communicate with their possible customers. Property buyers are also using social media to seek suggestions and tips from friends and to view their real estate agent social media pages.

Mobile applications are now getting designed to provide sale and property leasing. Customers and real estate agents are finding such applications safe and convenient. Mobile technology is also cutting down the necessity of the apartment owners to put up billboards or pay for an advertisement in a local newspaper.

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