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Can Technology Help the Mining Sector Protect the Environment?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, July 31, 2020

The exponential advances in technology innovations, including automation, digitization, and electrification, are the prime factors changing the way the mining sector operates.

FREMONT, CA: The modern technologies revamping the sector include autonomous vehicles, remote operating centers, automated drilling, tunnel-boring systems, machine learning, and so on. But the mining sector is predominantly focusing on leveraging new technologies to make the mining sector environmentally sustainable. Therefore here the term green technology comes to light. Green technology refers to technology that limits or reverse the effects of human activity on the planet. In terms of mining, green technology means the technology will reduce carbon emissions in its operations and mitigate the adverse environmental impacts. It includes the use of minerals and metals that supports a shift in low-carbon technologies like solar panels or wind power.

Top 10 Mining Tech Companies in APAC - 2020The Impact of Technology in Mining Operations

Technology affects the mining operations in numerous ways, including safety and productivity, environmental protection, and opportunities for women. Safer working conditions with improved underground communication, automation, more sophisticated mineral and metal transportation, and emergency response measures are achieved by integrating technology into mining projects.

Technological advancements in mining are also making operations more productive. This can be seen in the use of robotics operating 24 hours a day, real-time monitoring of minerals and metals through mines and processing plants, and using simulations at the mine design stage to test different solutions before implementation.

Innovation also supports environmental conservation. Through improved waste management efforts, tailings are being processed more efficiently. The mining sector will also play an essential role in the circular economy. Using renewables like solar energy to power vehicles will also ensure a more sustainable mining sector.

Things to Remember while Adopting Technologies

The mining sector must carefully consider new trends in traceability and collaboration when adopting innovative technologies. Mining companies are under a magnifying glass. Consumers are demanding sustainability, not only from manufacturers but also from the entire supply chain, from the moment the mineral or metal is found when it appears in the products they are purchasing.

Collaborating with other sectors, such as universities, governments, and civil society, is also essential. Companies realize that universities can bring valuable research and insight, the government can provide incentives, suppliers can provide innovative offers, and buyers can explain their needs.

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