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Can The New Open-Source Platform Help Cops Locate Drones?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, October 25, 2019

An open-source drone recognition system has been developed. Is it going to be impactful though?

FREMONT, CA: The potential use of drones is rising at a much faster rate from public security observations to the allocation and delivery of data. Due to the unavailability of technology to identify and locate all the drones flying in the region and many other issues, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had put restrictions on flying drones during the night.

The InterUSS Platform, co-created by Uber, AirMap, Wing, and the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), removes the hurdle of distant identification of drones. The stage likewise permits an Unmanned Aircraft System Service Supplier, or USS, to communicate with one another. This contributes to interoperability between drone technology, enabling drone pilots to share information regarding flights and hazards in the airspace without violating the privacy limits of the pilot. The system is free software that offers and collects telemetry and registry data about the activity of the drone, its operator, the license number, and the permission to fly in the area.

The InterUSS Platform would help the industry in real-time by encouraging companies to develop drone applications and incorporate remote identification, which has been a safety and logistical hurdle for unmanned aircraft.

In early 2019, only a handful of programmers were included in the platform's first trial. However, a larger list of participants, which included AiRXOS, AirMap, ANRA Technologies, Flite Test, Uber, CNN, Kittyhawk.io, UASidekick, Wing, and Skyward, were recruited for the second test in September.

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InterUSS is a result of the ITM explore activities. Presently, InterUSS Platform and remote identification demos done via AirMap have been the result of managing the work into an open-source venture, which is currently tackled by the Linux Foundation.

The absence of an effective remote identification system limits the drone industry's development because individuals such as the FBI and DHS voiced their fears to the FAA about the inability to recognize drones flying over citizens. The development has therefore slowed considerably because of the unavailability of a proper system. Presently, after building up this appropriate framework with industry accomplices, the drone industry will have the option to push ahead.

Wing, a drone supply company, has launched InterUSS while its delivery service was taking off because of approvals in many jurisdictions and exemptions from air traffic. Currently, Wing is the founding member of the Technical Advisory Board of Linux Foundation to manage the InterUSS platform.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) built up the standard that included around 35 industry and controller members. The norm is essential to all participants in the sector, including Wing, as they have a consensus framework for data exchange. This standard will lay the foundation for advancing towards standard-based UTM administrations that will permit secure coexistence of activities supported by different USSs, past the visual line of sight (BVLOS), and Ops Over People (OOP).