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Can the Technological Advancements Radically Reshape the Cannabis Industry?

By Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Can the Technological Advancements Radically Reshape the Cannabis Industry?

Medical marijuana has evolved with the help of technology, and there are various ways the tech industry is expanding its use.

FREMONT, CA: The last decade has been a game-changer for the legal weed industry, with many states legalizing the consumption of marijuana for recreational and medical uses. Bringing these products to the mass market has involved many scientific breakthroughs. Instead of the plant's necessary processing, the growers are now creating oils for vaping, capsules, edible gummies, and more. As the world moves forward into a new era of marijuana consumption, it will be interesting to see how technological breakthroughs alter the way we get high.

Here are a few developing projects that could radically reshape the cannabis industry.

DNA Sequencing

The Cannabis sativa plant is a wonder of nature, a factory for brain-altering chemicals different than any the world has witnessed. But there is a massive amount of variance between the plant strains, with each grows resulting in a different balance of THC, CBD, and other elements. That leads to a robust market of products, but a hard one to regulate. Modern genomics may be the key to unlocking the plant's final potential. Numerous leading cannabis growers are engaged in efforts to sequence the Cannabis Sativa's DNA, assembling a clear framework for how the plant generates the panoply of chemicals within.

Personalized Products

Finding the right blend of THC and CBD can be a big challenge, as people's biochemistry leads them to process cannabinoids differently. While specific strains of weed have reputations for mellowness or intensity, there is still a lot of wiggle room present in choosing what to put in a vape.

As because this is a psychoactive substance, the consequences of selecting a strain that doesn't vibe with the mind can be a real downer. That's why the next step in cannabis consumption is tailored blends of essential cannabinoids balanced with customized physiological needs.


Currently, one of the enormous obstacles to CBD distribution is the chemical nature of the product. Because it is an oil, it is not soluble in water, which means that it will separate over time when added to most liquid products. That limits the use of oils, capsules, and other applications. The holy grail here is to add it to water-based products such as beverages, and that's where nanoencapsulation comes in.