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Cardinality collaborates with Google Cloud to help Communications Service Providers make the most of Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Guildford, U.K. - Cardinality, a global leader in Big Data Analytics and AI/ML for the communications industry, is collaborating with Google Cloud to help CSPs break down data silos and become AI-ready so that they can deliver hyper-personalized, hyper-optimized and real-time services to subscribers.

By combining the Cardinality Perception platform with Google Cloud Data Analytics, both companies are delivering a hybrid cloud solution that allows CSPs to transform in four key areas: planning and optimization, customer experience management, operations and service assurance, and marketing and monetization.

Cardinality and Google Cloud are currently working together to deliver a joint analytics solution that integrates the Cardinality Perception platform with Google’s Big Query, Dataproc, Datafusion and AI/ML suite in a hybrid cloud at a major European telecom operator spanning its operations in various countries. Cardinality Perception will be generally available on the Google Cloud Marketplace before the end of Q3 2021.

“Cardinality and Google Cloud are helping CSP customers bridge the gap between on-premises and cloud analytics,” said Steve Preston, CEO of Cardinality. “The combination of Cardinality’s Perception platform and Google Cloud’s Data Analytics suite allows for real-time data to be processed near the source with minimal latency while also allowing all data to be warehoused securely in the cloud, providing customers with a single source of truth.”

Modern network environments are complex and becoming increasingly so. CSPs need to simplify data operations at scale and leverage real-time insights to increase network automation, be more prescriptive, and build the foundation for more advanced use cases that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cardinality’s Perception platform is an end-to-end data analytics and AI/ML stack that allows users of all skill levels to create use cases using an intuitive, graphical user interface. Perception, which is Kubernetes-based, can run at the edge, in the data center, in the public cloud, and in hybrid environments. The combination of Perception with Google Cloud Data Analytics tools such as Looker, BigQuery, and Google’s comprehensive ML suite gives customers the flexibility to start simple and build more complex use cases as business needs evolve.