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Dreaming of Push Button Realty? Drones are making It a Reality!

By Enterprise Technology Review | Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Real estate is capitalizing on the convenience and advantages of drone technology as the crew-free aircraft promises to change the entire game when it comes to both commercial or residential real estate.

FREEMONT, CA: What's that buzzing around the neighbor's house? Peak home buying season is underway! As spring home buying season heats up, thousands of prospective home buyers are expected to enter the housing market by listing their properties for sale. Drones buzzing in the air will become a familiar sight then. This shows that more and more real estate professionals are turning to drone technology to better market their listings. The loosened restrictions on the use of drones are opening up a host of advantages, especially appealing to real estate pros. What are the ways that real estate agents and brokers benefit from using drones in their marketing?  Read on to know more.  

Using flying cameras, real estate photographers are taking dramatic shots of landscapes, vistas, and fly-a rounds of appealing home exteriors. It is never before imagined. Camera drones and their ground-based varieties are used to tour the interiors of the house, creating flowing, motion tours in ultra-high detention that can rival even movies. Before drone became appealing and accessible in the real estate industry, aerial photos of real estate properties were limited to either grainy satellite images or those taken during costly aerial photography sessions with hired aircraft. Many providers are now offering drone photography in reduced costs helping real estate dealers budgeting their dollars in the market. As aerial photography became more affordable, a real estate marketer could use it for any type of property. Using a modern ready-to-fly camera drone, one can create dramatic shots very efficiently by integrating GPS programmed flight paths with the point of interest camera targeting.

Drone technology would allow realtors to take appealing aerial photographs of the property and nearby amenities. Agents could show interested buyers where a home is located in proximity to amenities and other natural settings. A camera drone can fly into a home and travel throughout every room, creating a natural virtual tour which is more interesting than station-based photography. Combined with a professional voice-over, virtual tours can become beautiful visual stories for buyers which are rich with information and history. This method is used, especially for large, unique properties that do not photograph well from the ground.

The benefit drone technology in real estate to listing agents is one of its biggest appeals. They are innovative, and they can raise an agent's profile. Using drone videos and photos to market, prospective sellers can take advantage of every opportunity to make their property look more appealing to stand out in the list. Compared to shooting aerial photos from a fixed aircraft, drone photography is easier to arrange and is far more cost-effective too. The visual advantages of camera drones have most impacted the way that expensive luxury homes are presented on the agent’s websites. This technology has upped the real estate marketing game significantly. Luxury property markets across the globe are incorporating drone photography into their marketing very quickly. Due to heavy competition and advances in technology that makes it easier to operate or hire a drone pilot have driven down costs. There are online services to hire pilots, and more professional photographers are offering drone footage as part of their listing photo services.

The day could come when one can order a drone on the smartphone and open the app pre-loaded on the phone to follow few instructions. The app would power on the drone. And when let fly around the property, it will provide the footage a buyer needs and land back safely where it started. 

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