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Field Management Services (Fsm)

Iot Buzzword Inspiration Or Trouble?

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Iot Buzzword Inspiration Or Trouble?

Drones To Fly High with Blockchain

Enterprise Technology Review | Monday, June 10, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Blockchain has become one of the most oversold terms as every company in the modern world tries its luck by implementing the technology to get a better perspective on the age-old processes and draw the attention of investors. Despite facing few difficulties, blockchain has made its place in the drone industry as a growing futuristic technology being used for data security, regulatory compliance, and much more.

Security: With numerous drones flying around accumulating and generating an enormous amount of data, security becomes a concern, and blockchain comes to the rescue in the nick of time. As the data that blockchain holds is suburbanized, the drone owner does not necessarily have to rely on any third-party data security provider. Information on the blockchain is encrypted, and the immutable ledger assures the security of the data making it impossible to get hacked or even altered. Modern companies use drones, which are computers full of data guarded with robust security software for construction purposes, mining, medical supplies, and cinematography in public and private places.

Conform To The Rules: There exist a set of regulations concerning the airspace for drones that ensures flight safety. Spaces above the airport, stadiums, and VIP areas are restricted, where the drones are not permitted to enter and record data. However,  blockchain can track and identify these prohibited areas and maintain the privacy of pilots.

Safe Future: Vehicle data is a vital resource for the insurance company; therefore black boxes belonging to the auto industry are used in modern vehicles to keep track and store information like speed, directions, and braking. To have a permit to absolute, permanent, reliable third-party data is significant in both the cases of commercial and private drones. The insurance industry will need every data that involves the functioning of the drone to consider the claims made by the owner for any accident, damage to property, or personal injury through it.

Some companies develop their own tracking technology in the developing world of drone industry with the help of blockchain technology as it ensures the security of the flight data and preserves the unalterable information for the future.

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