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Floating 3D Display Magic Screen, a Revolutionary Step to Future by Vision Technology

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, July 02, 2019

DRV-Z1 designed using TriTeQ³; with its exceptional quality will be a valuable asset to organizations testing the models with 3D technology.

FREMONT, CA: Vision technology, an edge-based ergonomic stereo microscopic and non-contact measuring systems and solution provider, have launched the Deep Reality Viewer Z1 (DRV-Z1), developed in optimizing quality control and production process by creating a stereo high definition 3D images.

Display technology

DRV-Z1 is designed to work without using a monitor or required operators, making the image float in front of the mirror. It provides a deep clarity to the viewers without the need to wear any specialized glasses or headsets. DRV is manufactured to process with high display technology that helps to reduce the fatigue of the users.

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Vision Engineering’s DRV can fulfill the requirements in many industry platforms including electronics, aerospace, automotive, and medicine while addressing the QC (quality control) and assurance requirements. The company anticipates that the product will be a valuable asset to the organizations that model and tests components in 3D.Vision designed the DRV using its core TriTeQ³ technology which aims to exclude the minute sensors, in turn, allowing the users to get the complete peripheral vision.

Mark Curtis, managing director of Vision Engineering, quoted: “DRV-Z1 provides enhanced 3D visualization and overcomes current problems with 3D modeling and inspection systems.”


“By amalgamating our existing technologies, we’ve delivered an entirely new concept to our existing customer base, as well as opening up opportunities in fresh markets,” he added.

DRV is an eye-catching product; Vision sees its huge capability in multiple industries, especially amongst the emerging technological trends like augmented reality, blockchain, internet of things and artificial intelligence.

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