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Four Top Uses of Drones

By Enterprise Technology Review | Friday, August 02, 2019

Drone technology has a huge impact on the global business. Moreover, the growth of the commercial drone industry is also providing new opportunities in terms of safety, product optimization, and jobs. It is considered to be one of the most multipurpose and resourceful innovation. 

FREMONT, CA: Drones are proving to be extremely useful during some of the ordinary and even obscure scenarios. They are being used for film making, agriculture, to real estate, most of the time, the right type of drone is the right tool for the job.

The drone industry is growing rapidly, and almost every week, there is a press release or research papers on the new areas where it has been used. Drones have also replaced helicopter and airplanes in many areas.

What are the Most Common uses of Drones?

Many sectors are benefitting by using drones, and it may be conservation, commercial, or environmental works. Many industries like quarrying and mining can save a lot of time and most importantly using drones is a much safer way to survey structures, buildings, or quarry faces. Workers do not have to put their life at risk as they don’t have to work in hazardous or dangerous areas.

1. Quick Delivery of Medicine and Healthcare

Modern medicine has come a long way in curing diseases, but the infrastructure is yet to do so. Still, there are many areas in the world where delivering healthcare can be impossible. In these types of areas, drones can work wonders as they can be used for drop shipping cartons of medicines. It can also be used in situations where there is an urgent need for drugs.

2. Agriculture

Drones can be used to ensure world food security as farmers are continuously looking for methods to reduce the cost needed to protect their fields. With the technology of drone, the farmers can now automate unnecessary processes used for protection. They can gather essential data that will help them to navigate their farming practices as well as increase farming efficiency.

3. Emergency Response and Disaster Relief

Earlier there have been many terrible environmental situations where due to the late supply of disaster relief, the rate of catastrophe was much more. Drones can easily have access to the damaged areas of hurricanes, earthquake, and also visit the victims to deliver aid.

Drones can also be used to detect high forest temperatures so that firefighters can identify areas that have the probability to catch fire and control it.

4. Real Estate Photography

Drones technology is also useful in the real estate industry as the companies are using it to take aerial photographs of the real estate properties. The pictures are then shown to the clients in a manner that would not have been possible without drones.

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