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Frontier Nanosystems' Patent Claims Now Extend to the Indian Subcontinent

By Enterprise Technology Review

RALEIGH, NC: Frontier NanoSystems, LLC, is a privately financed company based in Raleigh, North Carolina that is recognized globally for its disruptive technology solutions.

The company reports today that patent claims to Big Nano electroceramics embedded within microelectronic circuitry have been granted in India. Big Nano is a new phase of matter Frontier NanoSystems has globally patented. Its nanoscale microstructure endows physically large materials with exotic quantum scale properties that were previously only attainable in materials confined to the volume of a nanoparticle.

Integrating passive circuitry at the wafer scale using Big Nano materials restructures the microelectronics industry by eliminating the need for performance degrading printed circuit boards in microelectronic products systems. This, in turn, enables systems to run at maximal clock speeds, consume dramatically less power, and to sharply reduce system size. This transition to fully integrated microelectronics will be similar to the way the silicon chip impacted the industry when it displaced vacuum tubes from the marketplace but will have a more profound and sweeping economic impact.

L. Pierre de Rochemont, the company's Founder / General Manager, explains the patent claims’ value: "India represents 17.7% of the world's population and is modernizing its economy. The Central Bank of India is leaning towards full digitalization of its economic system. A dirty little secret that everyone seems to be aware of, but few care to talk about, is that the digital economy is not intrinsically profitable. This is because it is run on a fully commoditized microelectronic infrastructure."

The unique physical properties that Frontier NanoSystems has globally patented include those needed to integrate passive circuitry within an embedded layer (where it cannot be reworked), and do so with high economic efficiency and maximal reliability.

"This represents a significant opportunity for Frontier NanoSystems to work with India on facilitating its desire to achieve a maximally efficient economic system," de Rochemont concluded.