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Futuristic Relocation Features Enhancing Employee Performance and Enterprise Revenue

Enterprise Technology Review | Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Staff relocation from or within an organization can be the best option to solve skill gaps, provide users with updated services, and boost enterprise revenue. In light of this, high-tech relocation features are entering the market to streamline employee mobility.    

FREMONT, CA: Cartus Corporation, the worldwide mobility leader, has launched its new MovePro360SM, a centralized mobility hub. This omnichannel platform is developed in-house to help IT enable HR and employees to forward-manage their relocation program while anticipating transferee requirements.    

Moving to a new place requires a tremendous toll on the well-being of a worker, and this can affect both the worker and the company's long-term success. MovePro360SM platform can smoothly solve all these problems. Cartus developed MovePro360 SM with a strong focus on integrating client feedback using a flexible cloud-and API-based structure to promote simple integration of external data sources while providing real-time access to information from any device. MovePro360 is the biggest technology initiative among a range of digital products lately introduced by Cartus to improve customer and customer experience. MovePro360 SM seeks to link individuals, services, and systems with full, precise, and timely data in a year of impressive Agile technology advances.

When a business chooses to relocate a new or existing staff from one place to another, they often attract them with specific advantages to make the process more affordable and smoother. The reasons for moving a worker may include opening a new place, filling an open position in a different place, developing a career, and more. Whether it's fresh hires or transplanted current staff, companies looking to relocate staff are facing a range of difficulties in securing a successful step for both staff and companies. As employers seek to extend their reach to bigger markets, moving staff across the globe is often a needed business expense. 

Cartus, the worldwide mobility industry leader, offers a complete range of worldwide relocation alternatives and can effectively relocate staff to and from 185 nations. Cartus serves over half of Fortune 50 businesses as well as smaller organizations by leveraging innovative options and its Leading Edge Analytics Practice (LEAP).